Head Over Heels Achievement

  • Head Over Heels



    Flip your car.

    *** Note that some people have reported an inability to unlock this in Free Play. It should unlock in any mode, so if it does not on your first attempt, try again or try a different game mode. It should unlock immediately after flipping the vehicle. ***

    Almost every car in the game will flip if you hit the grass at speed and pop the e-brake. However, it is very easy to do in the Land Rover Range Rover. Below is a video from Maka where he flips the Land Rover by fishtailing in the grass at Sebring, but pretty much any map will work. You also can do this by driving in reverse at the start of a race and then pulling to one side while pressing to activate the emergency brake.

    If you are struggling with this, make sure that ABS is off, Steering is set to Simulation, and TCS/STM are off. You can also go into the tuning and raise the suspension to maximum which will move the center of gravity of the vehicle higher, making it easier to flip.

  • Anyone else unable to unlock this?
  • Roll it loads of times but no flip. Help
  • I got it with that free pre-tuned Rockstar Volkswagen Golf R on Sebring in Free Play. Turned off ABS, TCS/STM and turned Steering to stimulation. Took three or four times of rolling until it caught and flipped.
  • Seems like damage must be set to realistic.

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