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    Drive 300 miles on Bathurst in the #10 Holden Xbox Racing Team Commodore VF.

    This is likely best done in Free Play with no drivatars, although it can be done in any mode that permits the required vehicle on Bathurst. Ensure that you have the correct track (Bathurst is the Mount Panorama Circuit in Australia) selected and choose the #10 Holden Xbox Racing Team Commodore VF. You do not have to complete this in one session and if you are in Free Play, you don't have to have any opponents. You can track your relative progress toward this achievement by looking at the red line at the bottom of the grey achievement picture in the achievement app on the Xbox One.

    The #10 Holden Xbox Racing Team Commodore VF is an S class vehicle by Holden that is available in the Purchase Cars screen. If you have not purchased the DLC that includes the vehicle, you will be prompted to do so. You can purchase this vehicle solo or as part of the Top Gear Car Pack. The vehicle will cost you zero credits in-game.

  • This achievement will require you to buy the Top Gear Car Pack. Some "free" DLC when it comes to the achievements.
  • Spending $10 for this one achievement is stupid. I can't believe they did that.
  • You can buy the car separately instead of paying for the full Top Gear Pack, which works out a bit cheaper.
  • OK I saw that you can buy the car for $2.99 by selecting it in the game. I was only looking in the XBox LIVE store which only show the $10 car pack.
  • Bathurst is 3.86 miles per lap so it will take 77.72 laps to get this. This can be done in a private lobby.
  • Took me 80
  • I had the option to download it free but after trying once it wouldnt download. Now I have to pay 2.99 for the achievement, which isn't bad considering the track was added free...
  • As I'm currently working through this achievement, I've found that the easiest way to complete it is via the Time Attack Rivals events. Upgrade to a decent R class, find/make a good tune, and go into it via rivals. Better than free play because: - you earn full credits for racing (as opposed to free play with no opponents) - bonus credits if your beat your rival - if you compete in free play you have to specify how many laps you wish to race. If you're like me and a little unsure how long you'll be able to play non-stop, this isn't a great option. In Rivals mode, you can keep going for one, 10 or all 78 laps in one session, and earn credits and XP whenever you quit. If you quit a free play before the finish you have specified, you won't earn the credits or XP. This way I can earn th
  • @Wolvss - An excellent suggestion, helps immensely towards Holden's affinity if you're going for it.
  • @#8 - Great way of thinking about it. Will get started on this soon...

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