Long Beach 101 Achievement

  • Long Beach 101



    Earn a gold medal on Long Beach Full in Career, Multiplayer, and Free Play.

    This requires that you earn three gold medals on the Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach Full track. You need to earn one in Career (single player), Free Play (single player or split screen with a second controller), and Multiplayer (must have another human with their Xbox One to earn a medal).

    For the Career race, one possible choice is in the Class Competition League under S Class. For maximum efficiency, however, choose the Racing League and select the Modern Indy Series, as this will also contribute miles towards "Grand Prix Veteran". Set the Drivatars to a level you are comfortable with, and go win a gold medal (top three finish). Note that this contributes a gold medal toward the 20 required for "Career Minded".

    For the Free Play race, set the track to Long Beach Full Circuit, choose a car you are comfortable with, set laps to one, and then choose Start Race. You will have to earn a Gold Medal, so with one Drivatar that means you need to come in first place.

    For the Multiplayer race, this is easiest to do with a partner where you take turns winning. Set it to a timed race of 30 seconds and it shouldn't take long at all. You can also do this in a multiplayer hopper, but medals are not earned in races with just Drivatars so it does require at least one other person.

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