Career Minded Achievement

  • Career Minded



    Earn 20 gold medals on Long Beach in Career.

    Multiple existing tracks will be replaced in the Career with various iterations of the Long Beach track. This means that if you have already finished the core game, many of the maps will indicate a gold medal already. Any existing golds do NOT contribute toward this achievement. You can earn the 20 gold medals for "Career Minded" on one event by repeating it over and over again or spread it across as many events as you like. If you have not yet completed the career, then this achievement should unlock through natural progression when you do so.

    On the Xbox One Achievement App, the tracker across the bottom of the grey achievement picture can be used to track your relative progress.

    See "Grand Prix Veteran" if you are interested in earning progress toward that achievement at the same time.

  • How are we supposed to do this achievements??? No extra races at Long Beach have been add in my career compare to Road America...
  • Go to the modern indy series, and choose the second race. For some reason it got added as the second race and may already have a medal even though you haven't completed it.
  • Grind is real Follow me XxxTxYxLxExRxxX

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