Long Time Rivals Achievement

  • Long Time Rivals



    Finish 25 Long Beach Rivals events.

    Rivals mode is accessed from the main Forza menu by choosing the upper middle square that is conveniently labeled "Rivals". You don't need to win the event, just finish! Each rival event is a chance to beat the performance of someone the game's servers pick for you as an obtainable target. As with the multiplayer hoppers, there are a wide variety of events to choose from. Ensure that you are selecting the Toyota Grand Prix Long Beach map. To make it faster, choose a short version of the map such as Long Beach West. One fast option currently available is in the Class D Time Attack, where the Long Beach West map can be completed in about 30 seconds. Next, choose a car that fits the challenge you selected and start the race. Once you complete a lap, go into the menu and choose "Finish Race", and then choose "Restart" after the credits and XP are awarded. Repeat until the achievement unlocks. Note that you do NOT need to beat your rivals time, merely complete one lap so that the "Finish" option appears in the menu.

    On the Xbox One Achievement App, the red tracker across the bottom of the grey achievement picture can be used to track your relative progress.

  • Quickest way to do this is to play the drift rivals challenge. Post a score on your first lap, then select "Finish Race", then Restart. Only takes about 30-45 minutes.
  • Wow I did this legitly what a waste of time Follow me XxxTxYxLxExRxxX

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