West Coast Gold Achievement

  • West Coast Gold



    Earn 5 gold medals on Long Beach in a 1964 Chevrolet Impala.

    You will need to earn 5 gold medals on any Long Beach track while driving the 1964 Chevrolet Impala. This can be done in any mode that permits the Impala on a Long Beach track, but to finish efficiently select Free Play from the Forza Main Menu. Choose Long Beach West for your track, set it to one lap and one opponent with a Drivatar setting you are comfortable beating. After each race be sure to select Restart rather than Finish to avoid most of the loading screens. You can track your relative progress toward this achievement by looking at the red line at the bottom of the grey achievement picture in the achievement app on the Xbox One. This achievement stacks with "Long Beach Customs" if you do it in Free Play, or with "Beach Hopper" if you complete the races in multiplayer with a partner.

    The 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS 409 is a D class vehicle by Chevrolet that is available in the Purchase Cars screen and is not available for rental. If you have not purchased the DLC that includes the vehicle, you will be prompted to do so. You can purchase this vehicle solo or as part of the IGN Car Pack. If you have the Car Pass, it is included already. The vehicle will cost you zero credits in-game.

  • You to buy the IGN Car pack to get this Car or just buy the car separately.
  • The cost of this DLC should be "free".
  • Yes you have to buy it
  • Low. Ride. Er. Rides a little lowah..
  • £2.39!
  • This does seem like a bit of a con when you buy the GOTY edition and still have to buy extra things for achievements. :(
  • totally agree with #6. That's bull. It should come with the car pass included.
  • All dlc is delisted, so this achievement is unavailable now?
  • Guessing so, I can’t find it anywhere..

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