Long Beach Customs Achievement

  • Long Beach Customs



    Earn 25 gold medals on Long Beach in Free Play.

    This can be done with any vehicle class. From the Forza Main Menu, select Free Play. Choose any Long Beach track (Long Beach West is the shortest), set it to one lap and one opponent with a Drivatar setting you are comfortable beating. After each race be sure to select Restart rather than Finish to avoid most of the loading screens. You can track your relative progress toward this achievement by looking at the red line at the bottom of the grey achievement picture in the achievement app on the Xbox One.

    For efficiency, this can be combined with "West Coast Gold" if you choose to race the 1964 Chevrolet Impala.

  • Choose Long Beach - West Route / 1 Lap / 1 Driveatar. Race, win, restart. Rinse/Repeat 25 times. Easy.

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