Money Well Spent Achievement

  • Money Well Spent



    Hit 200 MPH on Nurburgring in a Modern Grand Touring car.

    If you choose to do your career races for "Nurburgring Professional" in a Modern Grand Touring car, this will come naturally. Otherwise, choose any Modern Grand Touring car and start up a Free Play game on either the Nordschleife or Nordschleife + GP circuit with no opponents. At the beginning, turn around and go about a mile to the back straight and you can easily top 200 mph. You can quit the race at this point and the achievement will unlock.

    For a complete list of cars that qualify as a Modern Grand Touring car, you can enter the career and choose the Grand Touring Championship. The first series is Modern, so select that. Any cars you own that qualify will be listed, or you can choose "Buy Car" to see a complete list of vehicles that can be used. There are currently 18 vehicles available, including DLC.

    WORLDEATER also has a nice video for this:

  • A quick easy way to get this achievement out of the way and a full car list that can be used.
  • Rented the Ruf Rt 12 S and easily got over 200mph during the free gold weekend.

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