Rush Hour Achievement

  • Rush Hour



    Drive 200 miles on Nurburgring in the 1976 Ferrari #1 Scuderia or the 1976 McLaren #11 M23.

    For efficiency, you should combine this with "Free-For-All" and "A Familiar Ring.

    "Rush Hour" must be completed while driving either the 1976 Ferrari #1 Scuderia or the 1976 McLaren #11 M23. "Free-For-All" must be completed in Free Play, and "A Familiar Ring" requires a win on each of the three circuits available on the Nurburgring track. 

    The vehicles are very similar in speed, so it doesn't matter which one you choose. Go into the Free Play menu and set the track to the circuit you wish to complete (see below for advice on which ones you should choose), laps to one, and opponents to one Drivatar with average difficulty. 

    The Nordschleife + GP circuit is 16.15 miles long, the Nordschleife circuit is 12.93 miles long, and the GP circuit is 3.20 miles long. This works out to 15 races on the GP circuit, 2 races on the Nordschleife circuit and 8 races on the Nordschleife + GP circuit to come in at a total of 203.06 miles and 25 wins including a win on each track. This will unlock all three achievements.

  • Anyone else having problems with this achievement unlocking? It has shown 99% of the 200 miles necessary for the last 25+ miles.
  • This worked itself out with a hard reboot of the Xbox then running another lap.
  • You can rent these cars, but you won't earn XP during that time. But at least you won't have to spend your cash on them. They're expensive.

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