P1 vs. the Nordschleife Achievement

  • P1 vs. the Nordschleife



    Finish the P1 vs. the Nordschleife Rivals event having set a lap time of 7:15 or better.

    Enter the Rivals menu and choose the "Spec Challenge" rivals set and then the "P1 vs. The Nordschleife" event. You must be driving the McLaren P1 and get a lap time of 7:15. You may use rewind as often as you would like without penalty. Run through it one time to see what your driving style ends up with for an initial time and see how much you need to trim to get under the requirement. This is primarily an exercise in nailing corners, so if you don't get at least a "Good Corner" rating, I would suggest rewinding. 

    The P1 needs to be tuned to a maximum rating of R900 to qualify for this event. While you don't have a lot of options without exceeding R900, I would suggest weight reduction, a roll cage, and wider tires front and back as the best choices.

  • You can use rewind on this (if needed)
  • Reminds me of the Forza 2 time trial
  • Is this in rivals or in multiplayer? I've tried 6 times. And everytime i did it better then the lap time( 7:15) What am i doing wrong.
  • Nvm , i did it now. lol
  • Struggling with this. Best lap at 7:18 any recommendations how to shave off the last 3 seconds. Reckon I might need a different tune setup.
  • @5 take chances and use the rewind if you mess up. The braking line tells you to brake a ton when you don't have to. Got a 6:49.5 my second lap
  • Just got 7:13.xxx on this... achievement didn't pop... Anyone else have this issue?
  • so much pain 4 hours and only got close once out of 40 somethin trys
  • it's extremely important to get the entry to the final straightaway right, otherwise, you're losing time the whole straightaway. I know I hit 228 and rather than brake at the end of it, i kept it floored and made it through the first 2 or 3 turns. 7:10 on my second lap. Also note that you will have better speeds after the first lap on this because you start from a dead stop. Don't forget to rewind if you know you're losing seconds! My settings: LINE ON ABS ON STEERING NORMAL TCS ONLY MANUAL COSMETIC I did no special tuning or anything.
  • Also make sure you have it at R900 and that you're going into the Specs race for the achievement pop.
  • I just tried again and got 7:02 ON THE FIRST LAP! At the end of the big straightaway, keep the gas down and slip through the two easy turns. You can use the off-track area to slow yourself down almost instantly.
  • Easy 6:59 first lap just nail it through the hairpin after the last straight and also in the tight section of straight with small corners drift through on full gas
  • Are you kidding me, I made a 7:15:819 on my first try. :D

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