I Could Do That in a Van Achievement

  • I Could Do That in a Van



    Finish the I Could Do That in a Van Rivals event having set a lap time of 10:00 or better.

    Enter the Rivals menu and choose the "Spec Challenge" rivals set and then the "I Could Do That In A Van" event. You must be driving the Ford Transit SuperSportVan and get a lap time of 10:00 or less. You may use rewind as often as you would like without penalty. Run through it one time to see what your driving style ends up with for an initial time and see how much you need to trim to get under the requirement. This is primarily an exercise in nailing corners, so if you don't get at least a "Good Corner" rating, I would suggest rewinding.

    The Ford Transit SSV is paid DLC that comes with the Car Pass. If you don't have the Car Pass, you can purchase the Top Gear Car Pack to get ten cars, or buy the Ford individually. Note that D280 is the highest rating the Ford can have and still qualify for the event. I would recommend weight reduction as the most important upgrade given that the Ford is a tank.

  • You can use rewind on this (if needed)
  • Top gear reference! haha great
  • Best I can get is 10:23. Any tips? :(
  • Oh yeah, and it won't let me start the race if I upgrade the van to D280.
  • oh man. that was a good episode of top gear
  • To #4 you can tune the an tll D280, not more. You have to do it manualy as if you go for the automatic tuning proposed, it will go up to D281, which is too much. I did 10:04 today, I still have to work on my driving ! :)
  • You could follow me on xbox one(gamertag - Hurt MaGurt) and run against my ghost. I ran a dirty 9:59:155 from a standing start. Just use replay and beat that.
  • 10:00.927 on first lap, 9:56.031 2nd lap #1480 atm int he world as a result of that mods to van: Engine - NONE platform & handling: race brakes, race springs & dampers, front & rear race anti roll bars, sport weight reduction, Drivetrain: Race clutch, race driveline Aero & Appearance: forza/race front bumper Assists - Suggested line - Full Braking - ABS on Steering - normal Traction & stability control - TCS only shifting - Manual damage was left on simulation but you shouldn't have to worry about that, to get a good enough time you wont damage the van. those settings are my standard for playing the game. for the van challenge the TCS only helps at 2 or 3 corners, but it stops you loosing a second or so on those corners.
  • @ GWilly41 / Hurt MaGurt Thanks! Helped a lot to see if I'm driving fast enough or if I had to take more risk to stay under 10:00:000.
  • This one is really hard!
  • It keeps saying for me that the van is exclusive content and cannot be purchased....

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