Co-op Brilliance Achievement

  • Co-op Brilliance



    Reach a score of 30,000 or more while playing an Xbox Live co-op game.


    By far the hardest achievement, you cannot set settings to 7 lives in xbox live there are no secrets for this one. You should get the achievement after you beat level 4. If you and a friend can beat level 4 everytime you can get this achievement

  • im looking for someone skilled who can get atleast 15k score easilly if your interested send me a frend request and a message
  • I'll add you this evening. GT = StormCheese
  • i need someone that can help me get this too ples
  • my gamertag is bsteve92 if anyone interested
  • If anyone is still looking to do this I'm interested! GT= Rayhoven
  • Hey Rayhoven -- I am interested (this weekend would be good). GT=Johnnykinect
  • Looking for someone to help me get this one. My gamertag is CrippleThreat8. Thanks!
  • I played with a random and got it i died early he made it to level 6
  • If anyone wants to try let me know
  • If anybody wants to help message my GT - KaputIndiana820
  • Want to boost... Add me
  • Need this achievement...add me: I GOATslayer I
  • This is the last achievement I need...can anybody help me? GT: I GOATslayer I
  • I GOATslayer I, I added you, check your message let me know what u think dude.
  • anyways my gt is Sixty oz so add me, that's "Sixty oz" just let me know in the request that it's for frogger.
  • Add me to do this Gt: tripie x
  • Need this one...if anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. GT = The Terminator
  • Duh....need to stop posting while tired... GT = The Taymanator
  • anyone still need this achievement add me ill do it for you first time
  • Need co-op partner. GT= "Brew Maker"
  • anyone want to play im on now?
  • pleeez some one help me get dis achievement my GT is SuckPooPBallz
  • I need this if anyone wants to try getting it with me. GT: firehazardcs
  • I am trying to get this, msg me GT: mst3k 420
  • i realy wanna get this one. hit me up. GT: cyrilbell11
  • Need help to get this one. If anyone is interested we could help each other. GT: krypton101
  • Anyone still need help with this? GT - Bl00dbath101
  • Ok,so half of you dont get online anymore and the ones who are online dont want to help. Fuck you- If you need help getting this then add me : Bruce Lee Chop
  • If anyone needs help add me and we'll get together. Gt is name.
  • @coiled v1per. Still need the achievement? I can meet you online later to get it
  • Looking for a partner.
  • Also looking for a partner! Im only missing this achievement in order to get perfect.... Im free tonight, tomorrow morning and this weekend if anyone is interested.
  • Hello, I need to get this achievement. My GT is Temporal Agent. Thanks
  • Still need this, gamertag is JKelly561
  • LordKevin75 is the new Frogger GOD! He helped me complete this game within 45 minutes of playing. If you need help, he is the one to do it!

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