- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 23 (600)
- Online: 7 (400)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats

The achievement list isn't very difficult; complete the mission, complete the mission without dying, complete the mission in less then a specified time. And of course, the multiplayer achievements. This game can be completed in around 20 hours with a quick boost with a friend and a single legit multiplayer achievement.

Welcome to Frontlines: Fuel of War. The game has a total of 30 achievements for a total of 1000. There are seven missions each with an achievement for completing it on normal difficulty or higher. There are also 14 achievements for completing these achievements without dying (Ironman) or completing within a specified time limit (Stopwatch). Following the single player achievements, there is a batch of multiplayer ones which include killing sprees, hit percentage, headshots, etc. These will have to be boosted, as it is very hard to get some of them legit, unless you're a god at Frontlines.

Playthrough #1 - Normal Difficulty
This playthrough will see you playing through the missions on normal difficulty. There are seven missions, and the difficulty shouldn't cause too much grief. Along with completing these missions, there are two achievements for having a hit percentage over 50% (Bullseye) and one for killing 100 hostiles without dying (Bulletproof). See the achievement guide for details on how to obtain these. Furthermore, you may wish to go for the Ironman/Stopwatch achievements at the same time. Please note that if you are going for Ironman there is little chance you will get Stopwatch with it, and vice versa.

Playthrough #2 - Easy Difficulty - Ironman
This time you will play on easy difficulty. Without dying. Take everything slowly and don't rush into enemy strongholds and you'll be fine. After all, it's called easy difficulty for a reason. If you do die, however, you will have to start from the beginning of the mission, not the inter-mission checkpoint. This may be another time for you to gain the Bullseye and Bulletproof achievements.

Playthrough #3 - Easy Difficulty - Stopwatch
The complete opposite to the previous playthrough. This time you will 'speed-run' the entire mission. You can skip entire battles and just concentrate on objectives. Some of the achievements give you plenty of time (Graveyard, History Repeats) while others are quite a challenge. It does not matter if you die. Again, easy difficulty is easy, so this shouldn't be too much of a challenge.

Multiplayer Achievements
Recruit a friend or someone from the site to help you get the achievements in multiplayer. These can be done in a private match. However, the ones that need to be done in ranked matches can be a little bit harder. See the achievement guide for more information and detailed methods for acquiring these achievements.

To wrap this up, this game has an easy achievement list for those single-player only people, but for those completionists out there it will take a bit longer to nab the multiplayer achievements. Probably no head-banging or yelling here, unless you really are stuffing around whilst going for the achievements.

[x360a would like to thank Eternal for this Road Map]

Frontlines: Fuel of War Achievement Guide

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There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete the first mission on normal difficulty or higher.

    See "History Repeats".
  • Anvil



    Complete the third mission on normal difficulty or higher.

    See "History Repeats".
  • Complete the second mission on normal difficulty or higher.

    See "History Repeats".
  • Complete the fourth mission on normal difficulty or higher.

    See "History Repeats".
  • Complete the fifth mission on normal difficulty or higher.

    See "History Repeats".
  • Complete the sixth mission on normal difficulty or higher.

    See "History Repeats".
  • Complete the final mission on normal difficulty or higher.

    Simply play through the game on Normal or Hardcore difficulty. The achievements will unlock after you beat the corresponding missions.
  • Complete the first or second half of a mission with an accuracy higher than 50%.

    Make sure you tap for more accurate fire. Just take your time killing the enemies from cover. Only shoot if you have a clean shot, and make sure most of the shots hit. Try not to shoot anything but enemies.

    An easy way to get this is to play the first level on Casual, and get a few good headshots in the first part after the helicopter crashes. Then, run through the rest of the level. Use your pistol, and take as little shots as possible. Try to stick to beating down () anyone close to you. Move slow and only kill when necessary to complete the objectives. Grenades don't count towards your accuracy.

    The achievement should unlock when the game is loading Part 2 of the mission.
  • Be the player with the highest score on the winning team of a ranked match.

    Simply have the highest score on the winning team of a ranked match. You can check your score at any time by pressing .

    I got this on OilField. What you need to do is just go for the control points, and try to rack up some kills in between.

    Alternatively, you can use the Heavy Weapons class, and move fast. Explosives tend to not kill fast enough, so try and take down enemy soldiers with attack drones and headshots.

    The achievement will unlock at the end of the match.
  • Score 5 kills in a row without dying in multiplayer.

    Sniping is good way to get this one post up and have a team mate watch your back, take your time and play cautiously, alternatively using remote equipment works well.
  • Score 10 kills in a row without dying in multiplayer.

    Self-explanatory. I recommend the maps OilField and Invasion. Use sniper rifle equipment with the tech, and find a good camping spot.

    On OilField you can go on the pipeline or on the towers, and on Invasion there are mountains you can go on. When your drone is available, you can use that to rack up kills. This will unlock right when you get 5 or 10 kills in a row.
  • Win a ranked match without dying.

    Self-explanatory. I recommend playing on the Invasion map as the defending team. Just camp at your spawn all the way in the back inside one of the buildings. If you have a good defending team you should be able to win. This will unlock at the end of the match.
  • Finish a ranked match with an accuracy level higher than 40%.

    When playing a match, press to check your accuracy percentage. Play with sniper equipment and go to a good sniping spot. Find an enemy, and hit him. You don't have to kill him, but if you make contact your accuracy will go to 100%. Then, just play the rest of the match without shooting. If you need to shoot, be sure not to miss. The achievement will unlock at the end of the game.
  • Complete the first mission in under 15 minutes.

    This one isn't too difficult. Play on Casual and keep moving towards your objectives at all times. Don’t worry about killing everyone, just get in and out as fast as possible. Once you get your vehicle, try to drive into the objectives and capture them while inside. Remember, use RB to boost your speed. When you get to the reporter, ignore the enemies outside and head straight in. Blowing the door will complete the mission and grant you the achievement.
  • Complete the third mission in under 25 minutes.

    This one can be tricky. You need to complete the first half of the mission in under 15 minutes, because defending the village will take 10 minutes of your time, and there's no way around this. Start with your sniper, and don’t bother with stealth. Then, whip out your shotgun and blast as many enemies as you can. When you re-deploy, come back as Assault then try and use the remote drones to take out the snipers.
  • Complete the second mission in under 25 minutes.

    This one is pretty simple; just run through as fast as you can. When you get to the tanks, drive straight across the bridge, capture the objective, and exit your tank. Then, climb to the top of the tower and use rockets to take out the tank objectives.
  • Complete the fourth mission in under 50 minutes.

    You get plenty of time for this mission, which is good because of the awkward tank controls. You shouldn’t have too much trouble taking out the enemies on Casual. Don’t worry about dying you have plenty of redeploys, just power through as fast as possible. Again, remember to use RB for speed boost. In the final part of the mission don’t worry too much about the enemies, just go around the outskirts of the village and head straight for the objectives. Don’t bother taking out the EMP or grabbing the sniper rifle.
  • Complete the fifth mission in under 30 minutes.

    This one can be hard if you're not careful, the key is to not to get killed. Start off by using your helicopter to take out the objectives from afar. If your health gets too low, seek higher altitude, but don’t stop attacking. Remember, you can return to the chopper pad to get more ammo. If you can manage to stay alive, then you can keep the chopper for the duration of the first half of this mission.

    The second half takes a bit longer. Move fast to the objectives, and take out the control rooms ASAP. The mission ends as soon as you close the doors to the missile silo.
  • Complete the sixth mission in under 25 minutes.

    This is one of if not the easiest one, deploy as a Heavy Gunner and power through the objectives. You should have no trouble completing this one, just be careful during the final leg of the mission when you have to get in behind the relay station. Go inside the bus and use it as cover to take out the enemies.
  • Complete the final mission in under 40 minutes.

    This can be tricky, you need to be watchful of snipers and rockets. Do your best to keep your tanks alive and move through the streets as quickly as possible. Don’t worry about taking out all the soldiers.

    When capturing the buildings, use grenades to clear the room and be careful of the helicopter at the top of the second tower. Dying here eats up a lot of time because you need to run back up to the top of the building. Using remote drones to clear the roof is a good idea.
  • Kill 100 hostiles without dying in the first or second half of a single player mission.

    This is easiest to do in the first half of The Mountain King. Play on Casual difficulty and take your time. Assault is the best class for this as you can take enemies out from a fairly distant range and you have plenty of health.
  • Complete the first mission in a single session without dying.

    The Ironman missions aren't too hard, just remember to take your time and play cautiously. Playing on Casual difficulty makes these exceptionally easy. Use remote drones as much as possible and look on your mini-map for nearby tanks. Run to take cover if you start to hear a heartbeat. If you die at any point, you need to restart the entire level.
  • Complete the third mission in a single session without dying.

    The first half of this isn’t too bad, just hang back and snipe as many enemies as you can. Try and save your drones until the last part of the first half. When it comes to defending the town, clear out everyone before you take the objectives. Then, go to the lower half of the HQ building. Don’t worry about the motor pool too much. It shouldn't be any trouble to take back, so go for it during the last 60 seconds or so.
  • Complete the second mission in a single session without dying.

    The first part of this is pretty routine, use your Grenade launcher to take out the enemies on top of the bridge. Then, secure the surrounding objectives, picking up any of the drones you find. Use the drones to clear the rest. When you get your tank, head straight across the bridge to capture the rail depot. This will allow you to climb to the top of the tower and take out the tanks without any risk of being killed. Capturing the entrance to the factory is pretty easy, but try not to linger. The longer it takes, the more tanks will appear.
  • Complete the fourth mission in a single session without dying.

    This one is the trickiest when it comes to Ironman, as the tank waves are very difficult. Just try and take out as many from a distance as you can, and try to keep moving, otherwise you’ll get hit by multiple enemies. Another tactic is to post up behind a rock and move forward to take your shots then back again to avoid enemy fire.

    The only other part that really presents a challenge is the helicopter. When you're moving though the trench, just use one of the overpasses as cover and you should be fine. Again, the hit and run tactic is the best.
  • Complete the fifth mission in a single session without dying.

    This is probably one of the easiest Ironman ones. The trick here is to stay in your helicopter and take everything out from a distance. Return to the helipad when you run out of ammo, and when capturing your objectives, try to put the chopper down somewhere with cover as it can still be damaged when no one's in it. If you manage to lose it, don't fear, just tread lightly and take your time.

    Although it may sometimes seem like enemies are infinite, they aren't. If you hang back you can eventually take them all out. The only thing to beware of here is the enemy tanks that can take you out with one blast. When you get inside, continue to take them out from as far back as possible. When you get downstairs, just use drones to clear the three rooms.
  • Complete the sixth mission in a single session without dying.

    Luckily, you start off with Heavy Gunner so you have a lot of health. As long as you keep moving, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. This is a fairly easy achievement, but if you're really having trouble, whip out your rocket launcher and take out all the enemies from a distance. It's slower but easier.
  • Complete the final mission in a single session without dying.

    This one can get tough near the end when you need to defend the plaza. First off, try to keep your tanks alive at all times. Move slow, which should make the first few objectives relatively easy. After that, take the bridge off to the east, as it will have an air strike to use against the tanks on the other side. Be careful of snipers once you get here.

    For the second half, continue to move slow and take out as many enemies as you can from a distance. I recommend you go for the building with the satellite before the ministry. Either way, you should have no trouble staying alive as long as you move slow. Beware of the helicopter in the top of the building. When you do get to defending the plaza, post up near the boxes on the Northwest corner. Use drones to take out as many targets as you can. As long as you use drones and stay crouching behind the boxes, you won't get shot.

Secret achievements

  • Noob



    Commit suicide 10 times in a multiplayer game.

    Go into a match and pick the class "Anti-Vehicle." When you spawn, shoot the gun at your feet and you should die. Repeat nine more times and the achievement is yours.

    Alternatively, you can find a corner, toss a grenade in it, and run in.
  • Multiplayer: Knock off 20 enemy hats.

    I did this by making a player match and inviting my boosting buddy. I picked the Sniper class and had him pick Heavy Gunner. If you are going to be the one killing you need to have your opponent use "Heavy Gunner" or "Spec-Ops" because the other gun classes don't have the helmets/hats.

    Now you need to just get a headshot on your opponent and their hat will fly up into the air each time. It should unlock right when you knock off 20 enemy hats. This must be done in one match.

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