- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 17 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 100020-30 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (Replay Levels).
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No difficulty settings
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Second Controller.

Frozen Free Fall Snowball Fight has theoretically been around for a few years, primarily as a mobile game. Recently, it received a port to consoles with an extra multiplayer mode. It is not online, and it local only which actually makes things a million times easier.

The game is a simple match-three style game, and if you are familiar with Bejewelled, Candy Crush etc, then you'll pick this up in no time.

Single Player:
Realistically, you can just play this through from level 1 to around level 180 and pick up most of the achievements. I can't really explain much more than just match up at least three of one particular colour.

A good tip is if you are not doing so well, and are inevitably going to lose a life, you can hit your Xbox button on the controller, and quit the game. Head back into it, and your life will be intact.

It may also be worth noting that if you fail a level, and retry without quitting the game completely, the level does not randomize again. It sets itself out in the exact same pattern you previously had. In many ways this is advantageous as you can pre-determine your moves more efficiently.

The multiplayer aspect of the game is much easier to get your achievements on, as you can cheat. It's entirely up to you if you want to get another person and play it together, but it's much easier to do it on your own. 

Get your other controller, and just collect the achievements without the need to worry.

Level 9 Note: 
Level 9 in the game is quite possibly one of the key levels for obtaining most achievements. The way the level is set up is that you need to drop a few objects, but have a lot of moves to do it in. As not all coloured crystals are present in the game, it makes it very easy to create Windchills, Icebergs and Glaciers. You also get 2 free Glaciers to use each time you play.

The game is designed to take your money. It wants to shove its overpriced micro transactions in your face as much as possible. In fact when you are out of lives, it actually asks you TWICE if you want to buy more lives.

No level is impossible, but there are some which really push the boundaries of fair-play. Trying to keep your cool and not lose your patience is half the battle.

[XBA would like to thank YiazmatXII for this Roadmap]

Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight Achievement Guide

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There are 21 achievements with a total of 1250 points

  • Finish first 100 Winter levels

    Self explanatory. You just need to complete levels 1 - 100. They aren't massively difficult, but some may prove a challenge. 

    The best tips are:

    1. If you are going to lose, go to Xbox Dashboard & Quit.
    2. Plan your moves ahead.
    3. Pause the game if need be. This really helps in timed games.
  • Obtain a total of 100 stars

    See "Obtain 500 Stars."

  • Obtain a total of 500 stars

    In each level you play, you can get a maximum of 3 stars. The first star must always be obtained, as that is the minimum objective of the level. For example, if it asks you to clear all the frost and obtain 10,000 points, that is your first star. If you rack up more points in the process, you get more stars.

    Be aware that if you meet all the objectives, the game ends and you go in "Free Fall" mode. This changes some of your pieces to Windchills. This then shoots off to the sides or up and down. The amount you get is based on the amount of moves you have left.

    You should get "Obtain 100 Stars" between Level 35 and Level 45, and "Obtain 500 Stars" between Level 180 and Level 190.

  • Obtain a total of 1 Million points

    Each level you play adds your score together. So if you scored 20,000 on level 1, and 15,000 on level 2, your total score is 35,000. 

    This will more than likely be the second achievement you get, as racking up 1 million points is a fairly quick process, especially with Level 9 being extremely volatile. See "150,000 Point Game" for more.

  • Obtain 50,000 Points on one level

    See "150,000 Point Game."

  • Obtain 150,000 Points on one level

    Chances are you will get this achievement and "50,000 Point Game" in one go on Level 9. This particular level asks you to drop the items to the bottom, but not all ice crystal colours are present in this level. It makes it incredibly easy to combine and combo your score. You'll also get 2 free Glacier power ups every time you play the level.

    The best way to obtain the achievements is to completely ignore your actual objective and just go for score. The hardest part is to actually keep the objects from falling to the bottom.

  • Combine 30 Windchill Gems

    A fairly easy achievement which you will likely pick up along the way. When you mix 4 coloured ice crystals together, three of them disappear, but one of them turns into a crystal with glowing lines - like in the achievement picture. All you need to do is create another one by mixing 4 crystals again, and then combining the two Windchill crystals together.

    They then create a sort of "+" shape on the board and eliminate all the crystals in their path.

    Repeat the process 29 more times for the achievement. This achievement can easily be obtained by replaying Level 9.

  • Combine 25 Windchill and Iceberg Gems

    For this achievement, you need to create a Windchill crystal, as explained in "30 Double Windchill" and an Iceberg Gem as explained in "15 Double Iceberg." Mix the two together to create a larger "+" shape on the board.

  • Combine 20 Windchill and Glacier Gems

    For this achievement, head on to Level 9. You'll simply need to create a Windchill crystal, as explained in "30 Double Windchill." Once this has been done, use one of the free Glaciers on it and it will turn every single gem of the same colour into a Windchill.

    Repeat 19 more times for the achievement.

  • Combine 15 Double Iceberg Gems

    Slightly harder than the Windchill achievement, but still easy to do on Level 9. When you combine crystals of the same colour in an "L" or "T" shape, 4 of them disappear, and the one becomes an Iceberg. They look a little like stars, but with a coloured ice crystal in the middle.

    You now need to create another one and maneuver it into position next to the first one. Mix the two together, and they create a large "+" shape on the board, eliminating many crystals right, left, up and down. 

    Repeat 14 more times for the achievement.

  • Combine 10 Iceberg and Glacier Gems

    This achievement is practically the same as "20 Windchill Glacier," except you are creating Icebergs. Head to Level 9 and create an Iceberg, as explained in "15 Double Iceberg." Once this has been done, use one of the free Glaciers on it and it will turn every single gem of the same colour into an Iceberg.

    Repeat 9 more times for the achievement.

  • Combine 5 Double Glacier Gems

    This is probably the easiest "Double" achievement of them all. To create a Glacier, you need to mix 5 coloured crystals in a row. This HAS to be either vertical or horizontal, and can't be done in the "L" or "T" pattern.

    Head to Level 9 and play away, before long you will be given the opportunity to create a Glacier, or one might appear anyway through combo. This level ALWAYS gives you 2 free Glaciers to use, so you don't have to make another.

    Once you have made one, use one of the Glaciers you get for free on you Glacier you made. It then destroys every ice crystal on the board.

    Repeat 4 more times for the achievement.

  • Throw 10 Snowballs in a round

    This has to be done in multiplayer, so it's up to you if you want to play with somebody or do it yourself with the extra controller.

    Simply start up a game, select your character and then just combo as many times as possible.

    Each character has a specific colour they like, so the more you go with that colour, the more your meter at the top fills up. It is also needed for "Super Snowballs."

    Your snowball count is in a big number at the top by your character. It isn't too hard to get, as I've managed to throw 16 in a single round before now.

  • Dodge 3 Snowballs in a round

    Another fairly simple multiplayer achievement. When you see the word "INCOMING" on your screen, you have to create around 7 combo's to dodge. It sounds tough, but if you do it on your own, follow these steps:

    1. Have the 2nd player play alone until the "INCOMING" in on 1st player. Stop immediately.
    2. Start playing as 1st player and then create combos until it says "Dodge".
    3. As player 2, quickly keep making combo's so as you throw the snowball. Player 1 now dodges.

    Repeat this 2 more times within 2 minutes for the achievement.

  • Throw 3 Super Snowballs in a round

    In multiplayer, as you match the coloured crystals, your snowball meter fills up. You'll notice a glowing line sometimes - This is your Super Snowball meter. The more "preferred" coloured crystals you match, the quicker your Super Snowball meter fills up.

    For example, Elsa favours the white crystals, so if you play as her, try to get as many of those as possible to throw a Super Snowball.

    Keep going for those colours, and you should be able to throw 3 of them within the 2 minutes.

  • Beat your opponent with 10 different characters

    This achievement is theoretically easy, but to unlock the characters takes work and dedication on the single player.

    All you need to do is beat your opponent playing as 10 of the 11 available characters.

    The easiest way to obtain it is to simply buy the characters, but all of them are available in single player by playing to level 195. By level 175, you'll have fully unlocked the 10th Character.

    Once you have 10 of them, start a game, and beat player 2.

  • Complete 50 Snowball Fights

    Easy achievement, but time consuming. You simply need to play in multiplayer 50 times. 

    One game counts as a game consisting of 3 rounds, and the first player to win 2 rounds wins. The quickest way to do it is to have the 2nd player make one combo, and then 1st player carries on, winning the round. Do the same again for round 2, and that will count as one game. Repeat 49 more times for the achievement.

DLC: Title Update

There are 4 achievements with a total of 250 points

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