-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 43 (1000)
-Online: 0 (0)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 18+ hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
-Number of missable achievements: 21
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? N/A
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed: None

Welcome to G-Force! This game is a Disney channel movie game so like always, get ready for some collectibles! This game will require a bit of time and effort but shouldn't be terribly hard for anybody. You need at least two playthroughs because of the Distinguished Service Medal achievement and your playthrough on Special Agent difficulty.

Step 1: Story Mode
In this playthrough you will play on easy and should be trying to gain all of the collection achievements as well as the combat achievements. Try to collect as many chips as you can by destroying everything that you can in each room before moving on. If any vents or chips are unreachable by Darwin you can always send Mooch into them. This will help you gain the travelling achievements for both Mooch and Darwin, and you will need nearly all of the chips in the game to unlock all of the upgrading and purchasing achievements. Try to use all of the available save slots if you're going for 100% completion, so that way if you end up coming short on chips at the end of the game you wont have to start a new game. A guide for the collectibles can be found here.

Step 2: Second Playthrough
After completing the game for the first time you will unlock Special Agent difficulty which is needed to unlock the G-Force Special Agent achievement. Now you should have some sort of idea on what to do in each level so this is the playthrough where you need to try to complete it in less than eight hours. Don't go out of your way for collectibles and chips during this playthrough. Spend your chips at the kiosks whenever one pops up, and I recommend buying a map at the beginning of each level because on this difficulty the only way to find your objective is by looking at the map. Save at every checkpoint, same as you did on the first playthrough, and if you think you're wasting too much time just load your save.

The game isnt too bad of a game and if you put the time in it's not too hard to get the full 1000. Congratulations on your 1000 in G-Force!

[x360a would like to thank Foxxy kyle for this roadmap]

G-Force Achievement Guide

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There are 43 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Finish mission

    Story related. See Clusterstorm

  • Finish mission

    Story related. See Clusterstorm

  • Finish mission

    Story related. See Clusterstorm

  • Finish mission

    Story related. See Clusterstorm

  • Finish mission

    Story related. See Clusterstorm

  • Finish mission

    Story related. See Clusterstorm

  • Finish mission

    Story related. See Clusterstorm

  • Finish mission

    Story related. See Clusterstorm

  • Finish mission

    Story related. See Clusterstorm

  • Finish mission

    Story related. See Clusterstorm

  • Finish mission

    Story related. See Clusterstorm

  • Finish mission

    Story related. See Clusterstorm

  • Finish mission

    Story related. See Clusterstorm

  • Finish mission

    Story related. See Clusterstorm

  • Finish mission

    These achievements are all story related, and will unlock once you have completed each level and progressed onto the next. Just play through the game from start to finish and they will unlock through natural progression.

  • Complete the game on 'Easy' difficulty


    See G-Force Special Agent

  • Complete the game on 'Normal' difficulty


    See G-Force Special Agent

  • Complete the game on 'Challenging' difficulty


    See G-Force Special Agent

  • Complete the game on 'Special Agent' difficulty

    You can progress through on any of the three difficulties available from the the start of the game. You need to complete the game at least once to unlock the "Special Agent" difficulty.

    These achievements stack so you can progress through on "Challenging" and unlock all the other achievements. This works for any skill but you will obviously only unlock the difficulty below the one you are playing.

  • Complete the game twice

    Play through the entire game twice, which you have to do to get the "Special Agent" difficulty achievement anyway.

  • Complete the game in under 8 hours

    Start the game on easy as the flight levels take longer to do on the harder difficulties, avoid picking up data disks as they will just waste more of your time. Just get to the end of each level as fast as you can.

    You can try attempting this on the harder difficulties but you may find it a little difficult as enemies will be stronger and you will have to spend more time attacking.

  • Collect 50% (25) of all Silver Data Disks


    See Silver Data Disk Expert

  • Collect 100% (50) of all Silver Data Disks


    At the beginning of each level there are two maps you can buy from a vendor kiosk. One is the regular map for the level and the other is the Data Disk map. Buy both of them every time you start a new level. They will show you where your objectives are and also show you where every Data Disk is.

    Note: You cannot reload levels so if you miss one, that's it for that playthrough. I highly recommend using all five of your save slots as you play through the game so you can back up a level if you miss one.

  • Spend more than 10000 SaberSense chips at the kiosks

    This doesn't take very long to get. You have to spend way more than this to purchase all the weapons and upgrades. Just buy all the upgrades you can.

  • Accumulate more than 5000 SaberSense chips

    You must have more than 5000 SaberSense chips in your inventory at once to get this achievement. It is not cumulative.

  • Purchase all new weapons and weapon upgrades

    As long as you have found all the golden disks up until that point, you will get this after you get the Nano Hack v2. You do NOT need to have all of the ammo upgrades for this, just the guns themselves and their upgrades. The golden disks always have a cut scene when they appear so you should not miss any of them.

    List of Weapons in the game:

    • Electro-Whip
    • Electro-Whip v2
    • Saberlizer
    • Plasma Gun
    • Cluster Rifle
    • Cluster Rifle v2
    • Shot Bolter
    • NanoHacker
    • NanoHacker v2
    • Magnetic Grapple
    • Freeze Gun
    • Flame Thrower
  • Fully upgrade character with all possible weapons and upgrades

    Even if you collect every chip in the game, you will still need to conserve to be able to buy everything. Don't buy any health or ammo at the kiosks. When trying for this achievement you will be destroying every box in the game anyway so you should be able to find lots of ammo in boxes. Also, if you are following my recommendation and playing on Easy, you have 10 lives so it's really not an issue if you die. You start right where you left off with the same amount of enemies, until you run out of lives. Don't buy the maps when playing on Easy. They are really not necessary since the game is quite linear and on Easy it always shows you where to go next. Use my Data Disk Guide and you should be able to find everything without the maps.

    I cannot stress how important it is that you explore every nook and cranny in the game to find chips. Kill every enemy, use Mooch to collect stuff that's out of reach. Use Mooch to explore vents you can't get to with Darwin. It costs 36,150 chips to buy all the weapons and upgrades. If you miss even a few rooms, you could end up short on chips and unable to buy everything and that will mean an entire extra 8.5-9 hour (or more) playthrough just for "Master Agent", and you don't want that.

  • Defeat 100 enemies

    See Combat Veteran

  • Defeat 500 enemies

    See Combat Veteran

  • Defeat 1000 enemies

    You will get way more than 1000 kills as you play through the game as you have to kill everything pretty much. This unlocked around the 10th level.

  • Defeat 100 enemies with the Plasma Gun

    See Shot Bolter Expert

  • Defeat 100 enemies with the Cluster Rifle

    See Shot Bolter Expert

  • Defeat 100 enemies with the Flame Thrower

    One of the best places to do this is on the roof at the FBI Headquarters when you follow Saber into the trap. After fighting a whole bunch of waffle makers and a soda machine, you will fight two computers who send loads of little CPU fans at you. Let them keep cranking them out and just keep shooting the fans with the flamethrower until you run out of ammo. You should be able to easily get 50+ kills with the flamethrower from this area alone.

  • Defeat 100 enemies frozen by the Freeze Gun

    Just freeze enemies and kill them with your whip until you get this.

  • Defeat 100 enemies with the Shot Bolter

    For the Plasma Gun, Cluster Rifle, and Shot Bolter, you should easily get 100 kills with each just by playing the game normally since you get them early in the game. Just make sure you are rotating through your weapons, which you will probably do anyway once you figure out what you like to use on each type of enemy.

  • Defeat 50 enemies with Incendiary Charges

    Anytime you get an Incendiary Charge Container, use it to kill everything you can. There aren't too many of these things throughout the game so make sure you use them when there are a few enemies around. You should also be able to use the ones created by microwaves, but this can be very risky as you can't shoot the explosive CPU fans if you are carrying an item.

  • Defeat 50 enemies with the RDV Pulse Cannon

    See RDV Homing Missile Expert

  • Defeat 50 enemies with RDV Homing Missiles

    You should get both of the RDV weapon achievements during the 2nd driving mission (RDV Escape). If you don't, save your checkpoint (on a different save) after you are finished and load up the RDV Escape mission again and only use the Pulse Cannon until you get it, then reload again and only use the homing missiles until you have defeated 50 enemies.

    You can kill 50 enemies in the second mission alone so you should be able to get this easily.

  • Defeat 50 enemies using NanoHacked enemies

    This one can be tough, especially if you're not playing on Easy. The NanoHack just doesn't last long enough to kill anything most of the time, and the ammo is ridiculously expensive.

    A great place to get kills for this is the same as for Flame Thrower Expert. After you use up all your flamethrower ammo, switch to the NanoHack and use it on one of the computers. The other computer will still be producing CPU fans so try to get them to come near the computer that's fighting for you. Repeat this until you run out of nano hack ammo and you should get 30+ kills from this spot at least.

  • Achieve an average hit rate of 80% with projectile weapons

    There is no way to find out how accurate you in the game until the very end. The only thing you can do is make sure you as accurate as possible with long range weapons. You may want to do this on the easy skill just to make sure you can get up close to enemies and get a direct hit without taking to much damage.

  • Travel more than 20km using Darwin

    You should unlock this without any problem while progressing through the game. If you haven't unlocked it by the time you have earned the "Rescue Saber" achievement run around with Darwin on the "Satellite Maintenance Mission", you won't get to use Darwin in the final mission so do not progress until you have unlocked this.

  • Travel more than 2km using Mooch

    This should unlock by the time you get to the last mission, if it hasn't unlocked by then at the start of the mission just fly around with Mooch until the achievement unlocks, this mission isn't timed so you can take as long as you want.

  • Scan 100 items in the game

    You need to scan 100 unique items. Make sure you scan every new type of enemy when they appear, scan each type of door, terminal, switch, and everything else. You only need to scan each type of thing once. Don't forget to scan all the power-ups like health and ammo that you get out of the smashable containers.

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