We Happy Few Achievement

  • We Happy Few



    Win a battle with 50% or less of the enemy's fleet value in a multiplayer game.


    This achievement is less about luck and more about strategy. You need to prepare a fleet that is tailored for taking out the specific ships in the enemy fleet, getting more bang for your resources.

    Have your opponent create a fleet of light strikers, with any attachments/weapons they want. Then you will need to research the thresher flak guns for the gunships, as well as advanced scanners. It may take several turns to get enough resources to do so. Know the value of your opponent's striker fleet. Then construct your gunship fleet, with thresher flak cannons and advanced scanners, to a value just slightly less than 50% of your opponent's fleet. Remember, you can look at the value of a fleet by zooming in on it (not clicking it). For example, if your opponent has a striker fleet value of 1000, your gunship fleet should have a value of around 475. Then battle your two fleets. Because the gunships are specifically designed to destroy strikers, you should have no problem getting this achievement on the first try.


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