The Engine of War Achievement

  • The Engine of War



    Colonize three planets in one turn.



    Anytime you move a ship onto a planet that is not already colonized (doesn't have a colored glow to it) you can colonize it yourself if you have enough resources. When your ship is orbiting a planet, click on the planet to colonize it. To earn this achievement, you need to colonize three planets in the same turn. This is pretty simple. You just need to make sure three of your four fleets are on an uncolonized planet and that you have the resources to complete the colonizations. The price to colonize planets increases as you build your empire, so be wary. 

    If you are having trouble figuring this one out, just load up a fresh new game. One your first turn, you will start out with at least three fleets on uncolonized planets.

    1. Turn 1: Use two of your fleets to colonize the planets they start on.
    2. Turn 2: Move those same two fleets to new and different planets that are uncolonized. 
    3. Turn 3: Colonize the three planets your fleets are on.
    4. Turn 4: Achievement unlocked.

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