Warlord Achievement in Game of Thrones

  • Warlord



    Reach the maximum level

  • How to unlock Warlord

    The maximum level for either character is 15. While it will pop when either Mors OR Alester hits level 15, they will most likely both hit it at the same time, roughly during Chapter 13 or 14. Kill every enemy you see and complete every side quest available to make sure you get this prior to finishing the game.

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  • 15th level is when this popped for me.
  • Single playthrough? I'm on chapter 8 now, and am only level 6...
  • Yes, single play-through. I got this towards the final battle, and did not do all the side missions either.
  • is this game good?
  • If you enjoyed the books the story is excellent. Not you typical action adventure but I have greatly enjoyed it.

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