Great teamwork Achievement in Game of Thrones

  • Great teamwork



    Finish the game without a single ally (except Mors and Alester) being KO'd

  • How to unlock Great teamwork

    Whenever you have an ally following you, such as escort quests, or combat allies that you can switch to by pressing , they must NOT be knocked out (skull in their character portrait) at all during the course of the game. Exceptions are: Mors, Alester AND Mors' dog. It is important to note for this that you can play on the lowest difficulty level available, which is Squire.

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  • If say Mors and my ally both die and I have to reload my last saved game does this negate the achievement?
  • Yeah, that's fine. Also, don't worry about Mor's dog. I went through the whole game re-loading every blasted second that dog got KO'd (I swear this game hates dogs with how much aggro he always pulled) then when I completed it (when the credits started rolling); it popped the achievement.
  • Forgot to mention he was KO'd in the final fight but I still got the achievement.
  • This achievement pops after the very last sequence and you push "B" to "return to menu." Therefore, when you get the "finish Mors'/Alester's story" achievement you will watch one last sequence and THEN you get it.
  • I'm stuck at the fight with Lothor in Chapter 7. I can not keep Patrek alive, even on squire... tips???

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