• Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
  • Offline:1000
  • Online: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 1000: 20-25hrs
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (Utilize multiple saves)
  • Number of missable achievements: 31 (Red Priest of R'hllor OR Sworn Brother, Disciplinarian, Know your place, Man of the people, End of the line, Bloodhound, Once more unto the breach, Am I not merciful?, Desecration, The butcher comes to dinner, 'Tis but a scratch!, Switft and deadly, Unrivaled strategist, Quiet as a shadow, Lesser of two evils, My darkest hour, The true face of the Spider, Thorough, The Greatest, Endless watch, Collector, Pimp, Devout follower, Fetch!, R'hllor sees all, Great teamwork, Warlord, Master-at-arms, Master of light and flame, Clever Dog.)
  • Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheat codes
  • Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
  • Glitchy achievements: None
  • Unobtainable achievements: None
  • Extra equipment needed? : No

In Game of Thrones, you will follow the paths of two intertwining characters, a member of the Night's Watch: Mors Westford, and a Red Priest by the name of Alester Sarwyk. Their tales run in parallel to one another, as well as play a part in the grander scheme of the first book and season of the Game of Thrones. Their adventures take them from the Wall, to King's Landing, and everywhere in between as they fight for their own causes. Each character will be given a number of game changing moral choices and interactions with other characters to alternate the outcome of the game as a whole. Whether either of them make the right decision in the end, is entirely up you.

To make the entire ordeal of playing this game less stressful, set the game to Squire (doesn't affect achievements) so you can easily make it through the game without anyone dying and easily finishing every quest. Once that is complete, be sure to read through the list of achievements up until the start of Chapter 2. (The forum contains this same guide with the achievements reordered into chapter sequential order) I divided the guide in a way that will allow you to read through what you need to do for each achievement, in each chapter to keep the spoiling of the story to a minimum, and also more effectively eliminate the chances of missing any of the many, many, missable achievements. As a whole, I would recommend saving a different save at the beginning of each chapter, saving often over multiple other saves, and saving before many of the achievements that require you to make a choice, or do something in a certain way.

[x360a would like to thank Shiftie for this roadmap]

Game of Thrones Achievement Guide

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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Gain all the skills linked to the dog with Mors

    As you level with Mors you can put skill points into Dog's skills, and upon putting the last point into his skill tree and exiting the menu, this achievement will pop.

  • Gain all the skills linked to R'hllor's fire with Alester

    When you level up, be sure to put your skill points into Alester's R'hllor's fire tree whenever you can. This will unlock once Alester hits level 15 and you put a point into the final skill, and exit out of the skill menu.

  • Learn all skills within a character's stance tree

    Both Mors and Alester have two stance trees, one that is unlocked when you start that character, and the other unlocks at level 7. When you unlock the one at level 7, just make sure you continue to put points into either character's first tree until it is full, before putting points into their new skill tree. You will not be able to max out both trees, but over time at least one of them will be maxed out.

  • Reach the maximum level

    The maximum level for either character is 15. While it will pop when either Mors OR Alester hits level 15, they will most likely both hit it at the same time, roughly during Chapter 13 or 14. Kill every enemy you see and complete every side quest available to make sure you get this prior to finishing the game.

  • Finish the game without a single ally (except Mors and Alester) being KO'd

    Whenever you have an ally following you, such as escort quests, or combat allies that you can switch to by pressing , they must NOT be knocked out (skull in their character portrait) at all during the course of the game. Exceptions are: Mors, Alester AND Mors' dog. It is important to note for this that you can play on the lowest difficulty level available, which is Squire.

  • Mete out 5 deathblows

    Deatblows are the sort of mini cutscene final attacks you deal to enemies from time to time. They occur fairly often so you will unlock this rather early on in the game (Chapter 4 or so).

  • Kill 400 enemies

    This will come naturally over the course of the game if you go for the leveling up related achievements as you need to kill just about every enemy in the game to reach the max level, and there are over 400 enemies in the course of the game. Doing everything in the game, you'll get this around Chapter 11.

  • Kill 10 enemies with Mors' dog in skinchanger mode

    While skinchanged into the dog () you can maul enemies by spamming  . The first time you did this was on Poddy as he attacked the woman in the Southern part of the Gift in Chapter 3, and now you can get the remainder in Chapter 5 or Chapter 13.
    When you have to fight your way back to Castle Black with Patrek, tell him you'll use your dog to help clear the way. Switch to the dog () and move along the path until you see some enemies, which will appear on your minimap now as well. Observe the red cone in front of them, which is basically their line of sight, and also be careful not to make too much noise when you're moving after them. Basically prowl up behind them and pounce when you see the  pop up and then just keep spamming . There are tons of guys out in the woods so getting 9 kills should be no problem.

  • Acquire 1 golden dragon

    A golden dragon is simply the highest form of currency in the game, and you will most certainly gain at least one in a normal playthrough. A golden dragon is worth 210 silver stags, with each stag being worth 16 copper groats.

  • Find 10 secrets with the vision of R'hllor

    As you escape from prison you will learn that Alester can also find secret objects, and  is used for his ability as well. To know when you need to press , look for areas that appear to have heat coming off of them. Play through the Chapter 4 prison break until the man you are with says something about knowing there's a door there, but he can't find the mechanism. Notice the heat coming from the rather obvious button to his left? Press  and then  to open the door. Do this in similar places found throughout Red Keep, Castlewood and the home of the Collector; during the remainder of the Alester Chapters. Alester can also find a couple in his father's study in Chapter 8. All of which count toward the achievement. The achievement should pop during the course of Chapter 8 (if it hasn't already, or Chapter 8 depending on the course you take in some quests) since there are quite a few secrets along the main quest line, as well as several more in the Collector's tunnels.

  • Fetch!



    Use Mors' dog's sense of smell to find 5 secret objects

    As you follow Poddy's tracks, you'll learn to skinchange and control Mors' dog by pressing . From there, you can find and interact with scents to follow trails (such as Poddy's scent), or in the case for this quest, find treasures. While there are more than these 5 secret objects, these ones will get you the achievement the quickest. After finding the scent with the dog and hitting , press  to switch back to Mors and loot the spot.

    1. The first is near the boxes in the Southwest corner of the courtyard with the burning body at Icemark
    2. Continue to follow Poddy's scent across the bridge from secret 1 and into the next area (The Gift). Once you cross the bridge to the angry guy (who will kick you if you're the dog), switch to the dog and look at the tree to the left of the bridge for your second secret.
    3. From there, head down the West path from the bridge and you'll quickly reach a little pond. Looking at the pond, check out the rock to the left of it while you're the dog.
    4. Follow the path around the pond and take the side path up to a small area overlooking the pond, and a group of enemies to the South. You'll find secret 4 at the base of a tree along the South side of this little plateau.
    5. Look for a dead-end in the South-Westish part of the map, and you'll find the last secret wedged between a tree and the hillside.
  • Complete all the secondary objectives of the story

    Over the course of the story you will have the opportunity to do a number of side quests, some can only be found in some chapters, some are spread across multiple chapters, and others can be completed at any time over the course of several chapters. Each quest is explained in the chapter it is first available by looking under the associated chapter completion achievement. This will allow you to remain relatively unspoiled story wise, and help you complete quests when they first become available so you don't miss them, or forget about them later on. This will pop in Chapter 14 (despite the lack of a side quest there).

    • Chapter 1: Their watch is Ending
    • Chapter 1-13: The Faith of Our Ancestors (the Devout Follower achievement quest)
    • Chapter 3: Treasure Hunt
    • Chapter 6: Silence in the ranks
    • Chapter 7: The Black Bloodhound
    • Chapter 7-13: New Blood (Endless watch quest)
    • Chapter 8-13: Self-Made Girl
    • Chapter 8: Blood on the Sand
    • Chapter 8: Rings and Chains
    • Chapter 8-13: Avenging Riverspring
    • Chapter 10:The Maggot in the Apple
    • Chapter 11: Safer Streets
    • Chapter 13: Not so Wild
    • Chapter 13: Rituals and Litanies

Secret achievements

  • Find all the statues of the Seven

    Throughout the game you will find or come across people in possession of seven statues. After collecting all seven statues, head to Walder in Castle black to turn them in and get credit for the achievement.

    The following list gives you the Chapter each statue is found in only. To get an exact location, check the collectibles section, which is directly under the completion achievement for each level.

    • Chapter 1: 1/7 Devout Follower Statue - The Warrior (Getting this will start the quest for the others)
    • Chapters 2-13: 2/7 Devout Follower Statue - The Smith
    • Chapter 5: 3/7 Devout Follower Statue - The Mother 
    • Chapter 7: 4/6 Devout Follower Statue - The Father
    • Chapter 8: 5/7 Devout Follower Statue - The Maiden
    • Chapter 8: 6/7Devout Follower Statue - The Stranger
    • Chapter 12: 7/7 Devout Follower Statue - The Crone

    Game of Thrones - Devout Follower Achievement - YouTube

  • Pimp



    Convince Bethany to return to Chataya's brothel with Alester

    Directly in front of you after saving Orys, you will see a man near a small fountain - Hubb.

    1. Talk to him about his "friend" Bethany, who you need to offer to help out.
    2. Go talk to Bethany at the blue marker on the map. Once you reach Bethany choose the dialogue options: "I have come to help", and "Very well, I will help her".
    3. Now head to the marker for Ser Gyles Langward. Now choose "He has done nothing wrong", and "I should make some inquiries first" to forward the quest to Chataya's brothel. Choosing the wrong second option there will end the quest without an achievement.
    4. Continue on to the brothel and talk to Chataya "What happened between Beth and Ser Gyles?", "She seems upset with Beth. Why?", "Beth seems to have come out poorly in the exchange" will send you to go look through Bethany's room.
    5. Loot the letter from the table drawer next to the door in her room, then head back to Chataya. Now choose "I found a letter" and head back to Gyles. "He had not told me that he owed her money", and "That is true. He should start by going to see Beth".
    6. Once you both head back to Bethany, you need to side with him to get her to go back to the brothel, so: "Such trickery is unacceptable" and then you must fight off some lonely men before Bethany comes to her senses and goes back to....work. Don't forget to go finish the quest after the achievement pops, AND grab the statue from Bethany.

    Game of Thrones - Pimp Achievement - YouTube



  • Seize the three objects of value from the Collector with Alester

    You will find the letter to start this quest in the same room as your father's secret documents. You will then be tasked with going to King's Landing and dealing with the Collector, which you should do prior to heading to Castlewood for the main quest. Once you reach the Collector's Manse, fight your way around the house until you find the key to the basement. Once you kill the Collector, loot everything in his room, as well as The Devout Follower Statue - The Stranger, for the achievement to pop.

    Game of Thrones - The Collector Achievement - YouTube

  • Send 10 recruits to the Wall with Mors

    Starting in Chapter 7, you will have the chance to talk to certain NPCs and recruit them to join the Night's Watch. While the achievement suggest you only need 10 recruits, you really need to send 10 groups of recruits. Some groups consist of only one person, while others have 2-4 people. So you will need to stop at each location, the number of recruits is just as a reference so you know you talked to the right people. Many of the recruits will gather near the gate of the city you found them in until you go back to Castle Black and talk to Lord Commander Mormont and he talks to you about each one of them, and then talk to him again to finish the quest.

    • Chapter 7: Recruit x1 - Mole's Town Brothel
    • Chapters 11 or 13: Recruit x2 - King's Landing
    • Chapters 11 or 13: Recruit x4 - King's Landing Prison
    • Chapter 12 AND 13: Recruit x2 - Riverspring Prison - You must IGNORE them in Chapter 12 in order to get them in Chapter 13. Read the description in both Chapters
    • Chapter 13: Recruit x5 - Found scattered throughout the City
    • Chapter 13:Recruit x1 - Mole's Town Brothel - Different from Chapter 7 one, but can possibly be found earlier than Ch13

    Game of Thrones - Endless Watch Achievement - YouTube

  • Emerge triumphant in the final arena combat

    Once you enter the sewers and complete the fight to save a man's life, and get a book from him, during the main quest, exit and reenter the sewers to allow you to take part in the actual arena (the quest "Blood on the Sand" will appear just as you exit the sewers). Once you're back at the arena, talk to Ossifer to start the fight, go down the stairs and start the fight and then kill your opponent(s). Rinse and repeat until you have killed all opponents. Prior to the final battle, the fight with Lucifer, stock up on potions of whatever type suits you, especially healing. Lucifer has tons of hit points, does some crazy burst damage, and can scare you, making it so you can only use potions for a period of time. You will want to use your "Calm as Water" skill as much as possible to knock him down and get in some extra damage while not taking any yourself. 

    Game of Thrones - The Greatest Achievement - YouTube

  • Lose the final battle

    When you fight with Valarr, let him kill both Mors and Alester. Just make a sandwich or something while he's fighting you.

    Game of Thrones - The True Face of the Spider Achievement - YouTube

  • Chapter 15: execute the judgement passed down on the Westfords

    To keep this relatively spoiler free: kill everyone. Watch the video below for specifics.

    Game of Thrones - My Darkest Hour Achievement - YouTube

  • Chapter 14: come to the aid of the Reapers

    As you enter King's Landing, you will spot Orys being questioned by some guards. Simply come to his aid by eliminating the guards to get the achievement.

    Game of Thrones - Lesser of Two Evils Achievement - YouTube

  • Chapter 13: reach Jeyne's room without ever being seen

    Once you take the Ferry back to Castlewood, you will have to fight or sneak your way to Jeyne's room to rescue her. In order to make it to Jeyne's room unseen, you will need to utilize Mors' dog to stealthily take out opponents and clear a path to Jeyne. Take a path through the dining room, kitchen, up the back stairs. Once you hear the guard go for help after the winding staircase, send Dog to haul ass after him and take him out before he reaches help. The next bedroom has a secret for Alester to find. You can basically run from there, with the siege probably drawing away any remaining guards.

    Game of Thrones - Quiet As A Shadow Achievement - YouTube

  • Chapter 12: take back Riverspring with a total victory

    In order to successully annihilate the enemy in the assault on Riverspring, you must give Ryman the bowmen, Jon the armored villagers, and Greydon the pikemen. This event occurs after defeating Wex, when you meet up with Harwyn. The battle will be over in about two seconds, after which the achievement will pop.

    Game of Thrones - Unrivaled Strategist Achievement - YouTube

  • Chapter 11: bring an end to the trial by combat in under 2 minutes

    Once you finally get to fight Valarr you must defeat him in less than 2 minutes. Choose to concentrate on the fight when given the option. Save when you first enter the Castle and can see Valarr in the throne room. If you've leveled your character up properly to this point, this fight should be very easy.

    Game of Thrones - Swift & Deadly Achievement - YouTube

  • Chapter 9: suffer all the physical abuse during the torture sequence

    Now that you've been captured by Lord Harlton, it's time to be tortured! In order to get through for this achievement, remember to never give up, never surrender! Follow these chat options: "He can go fuck himself", "He'll get nothing out of me", "To hell with these questions". Bring the pain! Next chat "He can go and fuck himself", then "To hell with these questions". Talk with Lord Harlton: "I have the perfect answer for him". You'll then take control of your dog to try and save the day. Back to torturin' once that's done and then the achievement will pop, and you'll have a pretty new set of scars.

    Game of Thrones - Tis But A Scratch! Achievement - YouTube

  • Chapter 9: kill 6 of Lord Harlton's soldiers during the fight at dinner

    In Castlewood, save just before you talk to Lord Harlton. During the dialogue at dinner you realize that you have been drugged, it's a trap! While you're dizzy you must defeat the 6 guards in the dining room before passing out, which will occur once you reach low hit points, or you get the achievement. Your health will continuously drain as you fight the guards so bring a couple of potions along for the fight. 

    Game of Thrones - The Butcher Comes to Dinner Achievement - YouTube

  • Chapter 8: find the key in Alester's father's tomb

    Once you reach the point in the main quest where you need to find 7 keys to open a door in your father's study, you must in fact find only 1 key in particular to obtain this achievement, and open the door. Exit the caster, out into the courtyard and hang a right to continue on into Godswood. From there, head right again to reach the tunnels under Riverspring. In here, keep going right to reach the corridor where you will find the coffin of Alester's father. Tap  to initiate some dialogue with yourself and decide to take the key. Make your way back to the door after the achievement pops and use the new key to continue that quest. Once in the room beyond the locked door, be sure to loot all of the information in the room to initiate the collector achievement quest.

    Catacombs door locks: Whitewashed, Broken, On his sigil. 
    For the next puzzle, each wall diagram shows the number of a certain symbol. Remember the number of symbols shown for each symbol, as they correlate to a crank in a room at the end of the hall.
    From left to right the cranks are number 1-7 (look at the engraving on the wall to the left of the crank and count the dots outside the large center dot). 
    The answer to the puzzle, again from left (1) to right (7) is
    1 - Three headed dog (2nd to last wall diagram in the hall)
    2 - Flames (3rd from last wall diagram)
    3 - Blood stain (3rd wall diagram)
    4 - Mountain Top (1st wall diagram)
    5 - Arrow pointing down (in hall across from 3rd from last wall diagram, near rubble)
    6 - Raven (Last wall diagram)
    7 - Star/Flower (2nd wall diagram)
    The 1st wall diagram is the first one you passed after completing the previous puzzle and opening that door. The last wall piece is just before the lever room. Use those locations to help clarify what the symbol is, if necessary.
    Now that the secret room with the papers is open, continue into the room with the quest item, and be sure to look to the right as you enter that room and loot the letter "Let's banish the Collector" to start the "Avenge Riverspring" quest and associated achievements (there's a statue involved). You should finish that quest prior to finishing the quest pertaining to the secret documents ("Legacy").

    Game of Thrones - Desecration Achievement - YouTube

  • Chapter 8: save Orys from the City Watch

    When you reach the Reapers and defeat Axe, he will let you know that Orys has been captured by the Gold Cloaks and is being held in the prison, where you will venture later in this chapter. Once you get the gold cloak uniform and infiltrate the prison, talk to some of the guards, and then Ser Caron to gain access to the prisoners by saying you want to see what you're betting on. Once you find Gawen, you will need to deal with the guard that shows up to get the key to Orys' cell, which is just down the hall. After talking to Orys, choose "R'hllor does not yet claim his life", and head upstairs to the Commander's room to confirm his story, then back to the cells to set him free ("He's right..and I gave my word"). Save as the Orys escort begins in case he dies along the way.

    Alternatively: You can go to the commander's room (top floor) and use Alister's find hidden ability () to find a letter you can use to bluff the guard and get both you and Orys out safely. Thanks to artphobia for this method.

    Game of Thrones - Am I Not Merciful Achievement - YouTube

  • Chapter 7: attack the camp without killing the sentries at the start

    Save as you have just about fought your way through the enemy filled tunnels beneath the brothel; Mors will say something about being near the exit. As you exit the tunnels you'll come to a camp site full of bad guys and be given the option to either attack now, or scout the area first. Choose the option to attack now, and then successfully clear out the camp, to make the achievement pop.

    Game of Thrones - Once More Unto the Breach Achievement - YouTube

  • Chapter 7: find all the corrupt brothers of the Night's Watch

    Once you gain control of Mors, turn around and head up the stairs to where you talked to the Lord Commander. Once there, talk to the man next to him: Addam Flowers. He'll task you with going around and talking to suspects to find out whether or not there are any more corrupt brother's still in the Night's Watch. Once you've talked to him, look at the blue markers on your map and go around the inside of the Keep to talk to all of the suspects. Once you've talked to Bartram a second time to tell him you know he's lying (Grance will tell you Bartram lied). Switch to Mors' dog () and tap  on Bartram to get his scent. Follow the trail behind the large cooking fire on the first floor, to the back side of that area and directly to a Knight rummaging through (he may or may not be "rummaging" either way you'll see an indicator pop up by the boxes near the back door to tell you to press  and start a cutscene.) Kill Gwayne and head back to Bartram, talk to him and then kill him too. Now back to Addam Flowers. Tell Addam about each of the men in question, be sure to tell him that Bartram and Gwayne are the main traitors, while the rest of the men have also committed minor crimes that the Lord Commander should tend to. As you clear/convict each person, their blue markers will vanish from the minimap. Once you've gone through each person, the achievement will pop.

    Game of Thrones - Bloodhound Achievement - YouTube

  • Chapter 6: don't lose pursuit of the bastard

    Save after you interrogate Jaremy and just before you enter the building with Harry the Potter. For this achievement you need to simply chase Harry through the back door of the building he is in and across town without letting him get away. Stay close, but watch out for people getting in the way, Harry throwing barrels at you and closing a door in front of you. Always make sure you keep an eye on him until you reach the dead end; and an ambush. After you kill the ambush you'll get the achievement. If you somehow lose Harry during the chase, Valarr will say you failed in one way or another, hence the save before the chase, so just reload that and try again.


    Game of Thrones - End of the Line Achievement - YouTube

  • Chapter 2: protect the people with Alester

    SAVE (Split decision achievements) ... Once the rebellion starts (you'll hear lots of yelling ) take a look at your map from the main menu  and head to the top quest mark and work your way down. You will come across a hostage negotiation scenario, a fight in the market, and a peasant execution. To receive each of the two achievements, you must do each ordeal in a particular way, so make a save just before you reach the top-most quest marker (the hostage negotiation), and reload that checkpoint once you have your first achievement, to then complete the other one.

    From the location I told you to save:

    1. At the hostage negotiation, select "No Negotiating" to trigger a fight with the hostage takers (well..former hostage takers).
    2. In the market, select "All they need is food" to give in to their demands and avoid bloodshed
    3. At the firing squad let each peasant walk free by selecting the option in the dialogue

    After that, you will be told to proceed to the leader of the rebellion. How you deal with him will not affect the achievement. The achievement will pop after talking with Harwyn.

    Game of Thrones - Man of the People Achievement - YouTube

  • Chapter 2: protect the nobility with Alester

    SAVE (Split decision achievements) ... Once the rebellion starts (you'll hear lots of yelling ) take a look at your map from the main menu  and head to the top quest mark and work your way down. You will come across a hostage negotiation scenario, a fight in the market, and a peasant execution. To receive each of the two achievements, you must do each ordeal in a particular way, so make a save just before you reach the top-most quest marker (the hostage negotiation), and reload that checkpoint once you have your first achievement, to then complete the other one.


    From the location I told you to save:

    1. Talk to the hostage takers, and have the nobles give the peasants their jewelry 
    2. Head South to the market, choose to suppress the rioters when you get the dialogue option to initiate a fight with them
    3. Continue South from there for the third scenario. Once you reach the crossbow firing squad, press  to initiate a conversation with each peasant and select "He Deserves to Die" until all four peasants are dead.

    After that, you will be told to proceed to the leader of the rebellion. How you deal with him will not affect the achievement. The achievement will pop after talking with Harwyn.

    Game of Thrones - Know Your Place Achievement - YouTube


  • Chapter 1: confront the four recruits during the training session with Mors

    After the rather lengthy introductory cutscene between Mors, the recruits, Jeor, and Gorold, head to the training area with the four recruits as Jeor tells you to do. Once there, another cutscene will commence and you'll have a dialogue option; choose "I'll show them who's in charge here" to initiate a fight with the four recruits. Defeat them and you'll get this achievement.

    Game of Thrones - Disciplinarian Achievement - YouTube

  • Finish Mors' Story

    See "Red Priest of R'hllor"

  • Finish Alester's story

    Depending on the choice you took at the end of Chapter 13, you will be playing as either character in the final fight of the game. Come out victorious for their achievement to pop. Reload your save in Chapter 13 and replay the last 2 chapters to get the other achievement.

  • Finish chapter 15

    Story related, unmissable. This Chapter is about 2 minutes long..

  • Finish chapter 14

    You should have finished and unlocked the achievement for both collectible quests in Chapter 13

    No more side quests! The achievement will pop around the time you enter King's Landing.

  • Finish chapter 13

    Story related, unmissable. It is very important to note that you must make a separate save before following Maester Harwyn and the new baby into Riverspring Castle. Complete ALL side quests, gather ALL collectibles prior to doing this as well. The end of this chapter has two choices, each with an achievement that will be granted at the end of Chapter 15, so you must play through the next 2 rather short chapters with each character to unlock all achievements.


    • 2/7 Devout Follower Statue - The Smith: Last chance to buy this from the armor smith in Riverspring.
    • Recruits x2(King's Landing) - After entering King's Landing, talk to Morros who will be straight ahead of you. Head to the Flea Bottom (East part of town) and kill the mob attacking your two potential recruits, then recruit them.
    • Recruit x4 (King's Landing) - Go to the city dungeons and talk to the guard. Once inside, talk to another guard to purchase the prisoners.
    • Recruits x5 (leave and re-enter Riverspring) - Talk to the guard near the gate as you enter to be told of potential recruits in town. 1st is Donnor who can be found by the smith in the marketplace. Duel him and win to recruit him. 2nd is the villager by the docks who asks your help dealing with some thieves. Deal with the thieves, one of which will be the 3rd recruit, and then head back to the villager to recruit him. 4th is a female villager by the castle gates; choose Alester's chat option, otherwise Mors will not let her join and you won't get the achievement. The 5th man, Waltyr appears at the bottom of the map by a large water wheel; he will say he has lost everything, so recruit him. All of these people show up as chat bubbles on the map after talking to Jon at the beginning.
    • Recruit x2 (Riverspring dungeon revisited) - Head back to the Riverspring dungeons to free the Assassin and Rioter you left there earlier, allowing you to recruit them.
    • Recruit x1 ( mole's town brothel) - Talk to a man in the main area of the brothel, and you'll find out that he is a deserter. Convince him to return to the wall. You MAY have gotten this man previously if you visited the brothel outside of the usual timeline, so if he is not there, don't worry since you probably already talked to him (he was by the merchants).


    After leaving Castlewood, you'll receive a letter from Castle Black, which is where these two quests are. Don't forget to turn in your collectibles in Castle Black to Walder and Jeor once you have all the statues and get the last few recruits.

    Not So Wild - You will get the letter, which introduces you to this quest, after talking to Maester Harwyn, directly after leaving Castlewood. So head to Castle Black to do the quests. Once there, head inside and talk to Qhorin Halfhand, who is on the second floor of the building. I recommend just doing this quest and Rituals and Litanies together since they take you to the same areas. As you enter Mole's Town you'll see some suspicious people fleeing from you, and gain the scent of the wildlings for dog to follow. Once in the last section of the tunnels below the brothel, you'll come across one of the three people, Byam, who will tell you the wildlings are outside a secret entrance, that we already know from the main quest. Follow the scent a bit farther down the hill and then confront the savages. The woman will flee to Icemark and you will have to deal with her friends before following. When talking to Sabraque, choose to not condemn their families. After that you can go and meet Sabraque if you want, or just head back to Qhorin to finish the quest.

    Rituals and Litanies - First note that this quest can be buggy and void your side quest achievement if done improperly, so save beforehand, as there will be several chances to point the finger at the wrong person and end the quest permaturely (skip to the last line of this quest to see who the real culprit is). Talk to Duncan Paege prior to entering Castle Black to start the quest. You will discover that 5 members of the Night Watch have been killed, and your friend Patrek is the primary suspect. Head SW to the blue marker and talk to Addam Flowers. After talking to him, switch to Dog and get the scent off of the body and follow it to the NW part of the map, where the scent will end at a door. Talk to the guards and then head back to Patrek to ask him about the truth (Choose: There must be an explanation). Find Wat outside of the Castle to ask him about his argument with Myles (Choose: He's going to tell me what I want to know!). Head inside the Castle to find the Lord Commander's records regarding the mission in question (Right next to Walder). After that, head downstairs to the blue marker and check Addams' belongings. After that, talk to Duncan to hear that Wat and Addam left the Castle, follow them! You'll be stopped by some guards as you leave, how you deal with them does not matter. Once you find the traitor, kill him, then return to Duncan and clear Patrek's name. (The killer is Addam).

  • Finish chapter 12

    Story related, unmissable.


    • Recruit x2 (pt 1) - As you are fleeing the Riverspring dungeon you'll come across a prison area with some locked up soldiers. Let everyone free except for the rioter and the assassin. Basically, ignore the two men in the cell by alone, and empty the two cells with three guards each.
    • 2/7 Devout Follower Statue - The Smith: Second to last chance to buy this from the armor smith in Riverspring.
    • 7/7 Devout Follower Statue - The Crone: Ravella (the woman in white next to Wex) has this, and you can either have Wex give her to you by healing Wex's man, or take it off of her corpse later.


  • Finish chapter 11

    Story related, unmissable. Achievement will pop after the duel is over.


    • Recruit x2 (same as Ch 13) - Head to the slums of the city and kill the mob attacking your two potential recruits, then recruit them.
    • Recruit x4(same as Ch 13) - Go to the city dungeons and talk to the guard. Once inside, talk to another guard to purchase the prisoners.


    Safer Streets - Given to you by Harwyn. Requires you to kill all of the bloodseekers in Riverspring.


  • Finish chapter 10

    Unmissable, story related.



    The Maggot in the Apple - Go meet Marianne and talk with her, only to be interrupted by a certain man who decides to take her hostage. Tell him to keep Marianne quiet so he knocks her out. After that situation, head to the front of the castle and get a potion from Maester Martin. Then head to the guard room on the opposite side of the mansion to grab a helmet for Gawen. Return to Gawen, heal him up and the quest will now appear for you. Head outside the castle to the courtyard to challenge the head guard and kick his ass in a fight, and then beat his guards as well. Quest complete once they're dealt with.

  • Finish chapter 9

    Story related and unmissable. There are no side quests or collectibles to look out for, so just focus on "The Butcher Comes to Dinner" and "'Tis But a Scratch!" and the achievement will pop just after "'Tis but a scratch!"

  • Finish chapter 8

    Achievement is unmissable and will pop once you finish talking to Harlton in Castlewood at the end. Be sure to finish all quests and achievements and collect the 2-3 three statues you need prior to heading to Castlewood.


    • 2/7 Devout Follower Statue - The Smith: When you travel back to Riverspring later in the mission, be sure to buy this from the armor smith merchant in the market if you haven't already. You should be very wealthy from the arena.
    • 5/7 Devout Follower Statue - The Maiden: See "Pimp". Be sure to head back to the brothel after sending Bethany back there to talk to Chataya one more time, and then meet Bethany in her room to get the statue from her.
    • 6/7Devout Follower Statue - The Stranger: See "Collector".


    Self Made Girl - See "Pimp"

    Avenge Riverspring - See "Collector"

    Blood on the Sand - See "The Greatest"

    Rings and Chains - After talking to Elyana about Gawen's death, head outside to see some people talking with her (the quest will appear once you load the Courtyard area). Speak with her and she'll tell you to go away. Go away and you'll be stopped by a guard who will send you off to question people, and eventually find and escort a particular man back to your sister. Save before knocking on Criston's door and starting the escort quest, in case you die. Note: He CANNOT die if you want to get "Great Teamwork" on this playthrough. These events do not occur until after your are sent to Riverspring (after "The Greatest" achievement on this list).

  • Finish chapter 7

    Story related, unmissable. Will pop shortly after going to the cottage with Jeyne.


    • 4/7 Devout Follower Statue - The Father: In the Westford Cottage, read the letter from Mors' father (cutscene), and then look inside the dresser for this statue. You will head to this area after clearing the camp for the "Once more unto the breach" achievement and talking to Jeyne about moving to the next area. The dresser with the statue will also have Westford Armor.
    • Recruit x1 - Head to the Mole's Town brothel and talk to the girl to the left of the entrance (Willow). She will forward you to a potential recruit, who can be found down in her quarters down in the tunnels below the brothel. You can find the man, Gulian, a bit easier by looking for his chat bubble on your minimap while you're in the tunnels. Once you find him, convince him to join the Black and you're done.


    The Black Bloodhound - See "Bloodhound", it's the same quest.

    New Blood - This quest starts once the talking at the beginning of the chapter stops. See "Endless Watch" for specifics

  • Finish chapter 6

    Story related, unmissable. The achievement will pop after talking to the old man near the door out of the Red Keep, after talking to the Queen and getting your next mission. Be sure to finish the Silence in the Ranks quest prior to talking to the old man.



    Silence in the Ranks - After dealing with the Mother Hen situation and telling the Queen what happened, you will overhear Ser Uthor Donnerly (he's in a full suit of armor, near the main door) complaining in the Throne Room. Speak with him, then return to the Queen who will tell you to deal with him. Head back to Uthor and "deal" with him. Killing him or letting him live both work, but after that head back to the Queen to finish the quest.

  • Finish chapter 5

    Story related and unmissable. The achievement will pop after returning to Castle Black and dealing with the corrupt guards.


    • 1/7 Again, if you missed it the last 2 times, talk to Walder in Black Keep prior to leaving to grab Devout Follower Statue - Warrior.
    • 3/7 Devout Follower Statue - The Mother : Once you enter the Mole's Town Brothel, head down the staircase into the rooms where the women work. Take a left at the bottom of the stairs and the second right. Mors will make a remark that she has been scared off, that is your queue to loot the statue from her dresser. You can skip this accidentally by just going into the tunnels below the brothel and talking to Jeyne in her hiding space. However, the statue is in the bottom level of the brothel building, NOT the tunnels underneath the building.


  • Finish chapter 4

    Story related, unmissable. After speaking with the queen and leaving the throne room to run into Valarr, the achievement will pop.

  • Finish chapter 3

    Story related, unmissable. The achievement will pop as soon as Jeor gives you unsettling news about Jon Arryn.


    • 1/7 Devout Warrior Statue from Walder if you missed it in Chapter 1


    Treasure Hunt - Once you reach the area known as The Gift, head down the East side of the map until you get jumped by a bunch of highwaymen. Slaughter the fools and question the last man; "He might as well talk before dying", in order to find their treasure. You will need to use your dog () to sniff them out once you reach the location.

    1. The first location is in a tree trunk atop a hill to the immediate NE of you.
    2. The second is on a hill just West of that (walk through the bushes to reach it), also in a tree stump
  • Finish chapter 2

    Story related, unmissable. Will pop shortly after talking to your fireplace.


    • 2/7 Devout Follower Statue - The Smith - This can be purchased from the Armor Smith (who you run into early in this chapter) between now and Chapter 13 (cannot purchase from Ch 13+) for 1G20S. The armor smith can be found at the back of the market area, and the statue can be found on the second page of the items he has for sale.


    SAVE (Split decision achievements) ... Once the rebellion starts (you'll hear lots of yelling ) take a look at your map from the main menu  and head to the top quest mark and work your way down. You will come across a hostage negotiation scenario, a fight in the market, and a peasant execution. To receive each of the two achievements, you must do each ordeal in a particular way, so make a save just before you reach the top-most quest marker (the hostage negotiation), and reload that checkpoint once you have your first achievement, to then complete the other one.

  • Finish chapter 1

    Story based, and will unlock shortly after finishing the "Their Watch is Ending" quest.


    • 1/7 Devout Follower Statue - The Warrior - This requires a bit of exploration, but once you are done dealing with the recruits for "Disciplinarian", head inside the castle and continue through the building until you see the door with a staircase on either side of it. Head up the left staircase (facing the door) and you'll find a man named Walder in the next room. Talk with Walder to receive your first statue. This will begin the "Faith of Our Ancestors" quest to find the remaining statues and return them to Walder.


    Their watch is Ending - Shortly after arriving in Icemark you will come across Cregan. After the cutscene you will now be on this quest, which requires you to loot Cregan, and the rest of his party and take their Ranger's Personal Belongings. There are 4 total items to loot

    1. The first is from Cregan, so make sure to loot everything he is carrying by pressing  near his corpse and  to loot everything he is carrying. Repeat those two steps on the next 3 bodies.
    2. The man tied burned on the stake just outside of the room with Cregan.
    3. Exit the ruined keep through the gateway near the burning man (where some of the enemies you just fought came from), cross the bridge and look to the left to see the third body laying in the snow near some trees.
    4. You'll eventually descend a staircase and have a conversation with Poddy, who is whining about being scared, and is told to cover Mors and the other recruit with his bow. From here you cannot descend the stairs any further, and you must enter a nearby room where you will immediately find the last body.

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