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There are 61 achievements with a total of 1400 points


Secret achievements

DLC: Jacked Game Mode

There are 11 achievements with a total of 400 points

  • Complete a mission with Jack (Jacked game mode only).

  • Defeat the Brumak in Act 1 Chapter 6 without Jack taking damage (Jacked game mode only).

  • Apply three or more stacks of Wingman on a single ally (Jacked game mode only).

  • Have four members in your squad with the Jacked status effect at the same time (Jacked game mode only).

  • Gain a Supply with a Hidden Jack and no other allies in the Supply Point (Jacked game mode only).

  • Use Jack to rescue both soldiers from torture pods on a Rescue mission (Jacked game mode only).

  • Use Jack to HiJack each non-boss enemy at least once (Jacked game mode only).

  • Kill one or more of each Deviant enemy (Jacked game mode only).

  • Win a Veteran Mission without taking a point of damage (Jacked game mode only).

  • Equip at least one weapon with all Supreme Weapon Mods (Jacked game mode only).

  • Earn all “Jacked game mode” achievements.

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