- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 9 (160 )
- Online: 3 (40 )
- Approximate amount of time to 200 : 10 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats

Welcome to Gel: Set & Match. This innovative puzzle game comes with several single-player modes as well as a lot of multiplayer action, including cooperative play. More than 120 singleplayer maps, 30 cooperative stages and multiple multiplayer options await you!

Step #1: Singleplayer Achievements
The very first thing you might want to do is play through a simple tutorial, which explains the basics and controls of the game. Afterward, we start with the puzzle mode. Right after you completed the first set of levels (each set consists of 5 levels plus 1 bonus level, which only unlocks if you finished all levels of that set under or in par) you will receive Studious. Keep playing through the levels, trying to make less moves than given. You will eventually get Birdie, if you keep playing this way. Now you don’t have any more achievements to worry about here, so concentrate on finishing those levels! After you’ve completed all sets of levels (as well as their bonus levels) in or under par, you will receive Completionist and Perfectionist.

Don’t buy anything in the shop right now. You will need to have at least 2500 Stars at once in your wallet in order to gain Frugal. Since you won’t have more than 1200-1500 stars after you completed puzzle mode, grinding is inevitable. See the guide for Collector for good grinding spots.

Just keep grinding until you reach about 8000 stars. Now buy every item available in the shop in order to get Collector. The last thing you need to do now is to check your wallet for another 1200-1400 stars and follow the guide for Fashionista.

Step #2: Multiplayer Achievements
Grab a buddy or a second controller and play through the short, but yet challenging coop-campaign to attain Cooperative.

Now start or join a ranked match in volleyball mode and frag your opponent with bombs 10 times to gain Gel-Raiser. Right after it popped, exit out of this mode and choose any of the other 2. Play 20 matches here, avoiding to squish any enemies and Good Citizen is yours.

The only remaining achievement is called Competetive and it requires you to win at least 100 ranked matches. This will take a long time, so best grab a buddy and boost your way to the last 20 remaining gamerscore! This is best done in volleyball mode since you can easily kill yourselves 3 times in a row, cutting down the time of one match to about 10-20 seconds.

If you are looking for people to trade achievements, use the Achievement Trading Thread which can be found HERE.

If you ever get stuck at any point or just have a simple question, feel free to visit the x360a Gel forums HERE.


Some of the puzzles may seem hard to beat but most of the time, the solution for the puzzles is more obvious than thought. If you ever get stuck at any point, check this thread in which I’ve posted a lot of videos which might help you on your way to the 200.
x360a would like to thank T0b3 for this Road Map.

Gel: Set & Match Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Study the basics.

    Just complete the first set of levels of the very first card in puzzle mode. Its five stages and one bonus level.
  • Birdie



    Stay under par, like the pros do.

    Finish 10 levels under par. This must be done in puzzle mode (single player). There are plenty of levels in puzzle mode that can easily be beaten without reaching the par-limit.
  • Demonstrate your chain skill in Action mode!

    See this video:

  • Leave no puzzle unsolved!

    Just play through the whole game. You will often encounter puzzles that seem to be unsolvable, but most of the time the solution is more obvious than you might have thought.

    If you still need help you might get help in the x360a Gel forums found HERE.
  • Put your friends to work too!


    Beat cooperative puzzles. There are five cards each with five levels plus one bonus level.

    Note: You can do this using a second controller.

  • You can do better than just finishing those puzzles!

    Complete all levels in puzzle mode in or under par.

  • In multiplayer settings, it pays to be civil.

    Play 20 multiplayer matches without squishing an opponent. You might want to do this in ranked mode so you will then work towards Competitive as well.

    If you are looking for someone to boost this, check out the Achievement Trading Thread HERE.
  • Rise in the ranks!

    This one requires you to win 100 ranked matches. If you are about to boost this, choose volley mode since that's the fastest way.

    If you are looking for someone to boost this, check out the Achievement Trading Thread HERE.
  • Frugal



    Keep your stars for later. Be thrifty!

    Have 2500 stars at once in your wallet. Since you won't gain more than 1100-1300 in one playthrough, some grinding is inevitable. For grinding, see Collector for more information.
  • Head online, and take off the gloves!

    Frag 10 people with bombs in volley mode. This can be done either ranked or player.

    If you are looking for someone to boost this, check out the Achievement Trading Thread HERE.

  • Stay tuned to the Item Shop year-round for new couture!

    To attain this achievement, do the following:

    1. Be sure to have at least 1300 stars in your wallet.

    2. Disconnect your console from the internet.

    3. Change the date to March.

    4. Boot up the game and enter the shop. You will now find new items, specially marked with stars in the list.

    5. Do the same for June, October, December.
  • Collect all the costumes!

    This achievement will pop up when you've bought everything available in the store This does NOT include the special items which are needed for Fashionista. You will need about 8,000 stars for this. Since you won't get a lot for playing through puzzle mode, grinding is unavoidable here.

    There are multiple maps which allow you to gain many stars in a short amount of time:

    Card 3, Level 3 - (21 stars in 3 turns and 07 seconds average)
    Card 3, Level 5 - (34 stars in 4 turns and 15 seconds average)
    Card 16, Level 1 - (16 stars in 1 turn and 05 seconds average)
    Card 20, Level 2 - (34 stars in 6 turns and 14 seconds average)

    You may also fail while playing the levels and all of your collected stars will be saved.

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