Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 7/10
Offline: 12 (200)
Online: 0 (0)
Appropriate amount of time to 200: 5-8 Hours
Minimum Number Of Playthrough's Needed: 1
Number of Missable Achievements: None!
Glitched Achievements: None!
Do Cheatcodes disable Achievements? No Cheats

Geometry Wars is a game where you play as a crescent moon and try to shoot other types of shapes. The controls are simple, move with  and shoot with . In Geometry Wars 2, there are 6 game modes to play. The achievements are reasonably difficult, but if you play the game, you should get the hang of it soon enough.

1. First off, before you do anything else, you're going to want to unlock all the game modes. To do this, basically you have to play through each game type until you reach a certain amount of points, upon which the next game will unlock. It doesn't matter if you die, and no points are subtracted if you die or lose. Head over to the achievement guide to see what all the different game types are. Once you unlock the game type "Sequence", you will unlock Unlocked All Modes (25).

The second thing you want to do is collect 500 geoms in a single game. The geoms are the little green orbs that float around when you kill something, and the higher your multiplier, the more geoms come out. Deadline is the easiest to get it in because you have unlimited lives and if you rack up a combo, it becomes a walk in the park. Get 500 in one game to unlock Magpie (15)

Once you play all the game modes at least twice, you should be able to get the hang of each one. The next thing you want to do is score 1,000,000 in each gametype. While this isn't exactly hard, some game types will take multiple tries each until you learn exactly what to do. The hardest is probably Sequence because of the fact that when you die it skips a stage, and you don't have a lot of lives. Earn 1,000,000 in all game types to get Millionaire (15).

Head on over to the gametype Waves. This gametype basically entitles you to kill as many waves of enemies you can. It starts off with yellow triangles coming from certain directions, then swaps other enemies in to make it hard. Once you get the hang of it and learn what to do, it's your task to earn 1,000 points without collecting a geom. The hard part is not actually earning the points, it's the fact that geoms will come and collect themselves if you are close to them. However, they disappear after roughly 5 seconds. Earn 1000 points without collecting any geoms to earn Phobia (15).

The next thing you want to do is head over to the game type Pacifism. This game requires that you don't shoot, and instead use "Gates" to kill the enemies. Gates are basically a blue line with orange triangles on the end. Going through them gives you points, as well as killing every enemy in a small vicinity. However, touching the orange triangles will kill you instantly. What you want to do is wait until there are lots of gates on screen, then go through 5 of them in 5 seconds. The only hard part is not actually touching the triangles. Other than that, it is relatively easy. Go through 5 gates in 5 seconds to earn Slalom (15).

Head back over to Waves. You should know how to play this by now. If you can dodge 8 Waves of enemies without firing then you will earn Surf (15). The best thing to do would to be to try and stay in the center of the screen.

7. Head over to the King game type. The aim is to kill a lot of enemies without dying.  To do so, you have to go in these blue circles, or safe zones. You need to go into 30 safe zones without firing a shot OR killing an enemy. The first 18-22 should be easy, but then the snakes start coming. You have to be very maneuverable to dodge these. Once you hit 30 zones, you will unlock Treaty (15).

8. Head back over to Pacifism. What you're trying to do now is to head around the outside of the screen, the very walls. When you move along a wall, a line will pop on the section of the wall you moved along. You need to move along the entire level's walls while dodging enemies to unlock Wax On (15). Do this again in the same match to unlock Wax Off (15). NOTE: "Wax Off" is one of the hardest achievements in this game.

9. Head over to Deadline. The aim here is to wait until the gates arrive, then shoot at the gates. They will rebound off the gates, hopefully killing enemies. You need to kill 75 enemies this way to unlock Rebound (15).

This is it, your final challenge. Head over to Sequence. The aim here is to finish Sequence, in other words, beat every single level. If you manage that, you will unlock Game Over (15). Also, taken from the achievement guide: "Whilst playing this mode you could also go for the "Smile" achievement which requires you to survive the 2nd challenge without completing it or dying. To survive the 4th challenge without completing it or dying and to die on stages 11,15,17,18 and 19". Do this to unlock Smile (25). Congratulations! You've gotten 200 in Gemotry Wars 2!! NOTE: "Smile" is the hardest achievment to unlock, so be aware of that.

I hope this Road Map served you well. Geometry Wars 2 is a tough game to get 200 in, and it will truly show some skill to be able to do it. Congratulations on attempting this feat though, and good work on buying one the best arcade games of 2008!

[x360a would like to thank Lordvader178 for this Road Map]

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Unlock all game modes.

    This achievement will unlock after you have unlocked all six different game modes in the game. This will not take too long but it depends on how much of a skillfull player you are. The better you are at the game the quicker and easier this will be.

    You start out with one game mode "Deadline", this is a game mode which requires you to get your best possible score within 3 minutes. The better your score each time you play the more percentage unlockes for the next game mode.

    The next game mode is "King", in this game mode you have to go between each shooting zone to kill your enemies. Your enemies cannot come into the zone but if you are leaning out slightly they CAN kill you so watch out.

    The next game mode is "Evolved" and in this game mode you fight until you lose all four of your lives! you start with 4 bombs which are very useful getting you out of hard situations.

    The next game mode is "pacifism" and in this you are not allowed to shoot. Instead you must use the gate weights (which are enemies shaped like weights where you can only go through them to destroy them) to kill your enemies.

    The next mode is "Waves" and in this mode you fight endless waves of quick and relentless enemies that swarm at you. You need to have good dodging and quick awarness on this game type.

    The next mode is "Sequence" and this mode you go through 20 stages of hard and easy challenges that test your overall geo skills. I have made a complete guide for the stages down below if you find sequence hard.

  • Magpie



    Collect 500 geoms in a single game.


    Geoms are small yellow things that add up your multiplayer which increases your score, you will get this quite quickly depending on how good you are at the game. The best and easiest modes to get this in is either Evolved or Deadline. When you bomb the enemies they will still drop Geoms the same as when you shoot them.

  • Score at least 1,000,000 points in all single player modes.

    This of course depends on how good you are at the game. When you get the required million points in a certain game mode try and practise on the game modes that you are struggling on until you have this achievement. Once you get 1,000,000 points in every game mode this achievement will unlock!

  • Phobia



    Score 1,000 points in Waves without collecting any geoms.

    This achievement speaks for itself but then again its not easy. Waves is the mode where groups of yellow enemies swarm in from different sides. try and stay as far away from the wave as you can whilst shooting them until the geoms have dissappeared. They dissappear after about 5 seconds so its not too hard to accomplish.

  • Slalom



    Chain together 5 gates in 5 seconds. Crossing at least one gate every second.

    Gates are those enemies that dont appear to move which look like big weights. This achievement is best done on challenge 11 in sequence mode. The challenge will start with a wave of pink squares and blues, when the second wave appears bomb the screen and lots of these portals will appear, when these appear wait for when you think you can go through 5 in 5 seconds and go for it. If you cannot be bothered to go all the way to challenge 11 then you should go for this achievement in pacifism mode where gates spawn every second.

  • Surf



    Dodge 8 lines of enemies in Waves without firing a shot, or destroying any enemies.

    This achievement can be quite annoying because the waves are varied every time you play. There is not a paticular method for it, just keep trying and make sure you stay in the centre of the screen so you don't get spawn killed by a wave.

  • Treaty



    Activate 30 zones in King without firing a shot, or destroying any enemies.

    Another achievement that is best attempted by trial and error. In King mode you cannot shoot unless you are in one of these zones so what you must do is keep going through every zone as quickly as possible. once you go through a zone another one will usually appear. This starts to get hard after going through about 20 zones because the enemies speed up but do not worry because going through a zone will usually slow them down.

  • Destroy 75 enemies in a game of Deadline using bullets bounced off of gates.

    Gates are enemies that dont appear to move which look like big weights. These enemies will reflect your bullets right back at you. The bullets they reflect cannot kill you so do not worry. The gates will usually spawn after about 30 seconds in deadline mode, When they do appear go right up to one of them and shoot directly at it. Keep doing this until you get the achievement or until you die because they do spawn again after you die and because it's deadline mode you can die as much as you want. The best and easiest way to get this is if you attract a big swarm of enemies behind you quickly go up to a gate and unleash geo fury upon the gate with bullets. With doing this method you need to make sure that you do not just sit still you must keep firing at the gate but make sure you are dodging and going around the gate at the same time.

  • Wax On



    Rub your ship along all four arena walls in Pacifism.

    In this mode you cannot shoot but you can destroy the enemies by going through the gates. This achievement is quite simple but doing it twice for the Wax Off achievement can be quite hard. When you spawn go to the top wall and start to go around in a clockwise direction along the walls. Do this until you come across enemies where you should miss that section of the wall out or do a quick spin twice that avoids the enemies and puts them slightly off track. come back to it later when you have done the rest of the arena if you miss that section of the wall out.
    For the Wax Off achievement you have go around the walls twice. With enough attempts you will do this easily. The best way of doing this is to start off by going around the same way with the same techniques. If you are struggling with the massive amounts of enemies that spawn in the corner then you need to make sure that when you have them coming towards you that you stop near the closest gate and when they are about to kill you go through gate and do a bit of the wall at a time. Don't be hasty, take your time.

  • Perform the Wax On achievement twice in a single game, don't forget to breathe.

    See "Wax On"

  • Reach the end of sequence.

    This is one of the hardest achievements as this is the hardest mode in the game. This will take alot of attempts but after enough practise and enough learning of the patterns in each challenge this is definately possible. There are 20 chellenges in sequence which get harder as you go along. For the easier levels try not to use your bombs and if you die carry on anyway for a bit of practise.

    Whilst playing this mode you could also go for the smile achievement which requires you to survive the 2nd challenge without completing it or dieing. To survive the 4th challenge without completing it or dieing and to die on stages 11,15,17,18 and 19. This is by far the hardest achievement so good luck!

  • Smile



    2, 4, 11, 15, 17, 18 and 19.

    For each of these stages you have 30 seconds
    STAGE 1: 4 double pink squares appear, kill them quickly. Once they are destroyed there is one portal to the left and one portal to the right, there are many double pink squares and some pacifism enemies that just roll around. Take out the portals first then focus on the double pink squares and finally the pacifisms.

    STAGE 2: 2 squares and 2 blues to start, kill them quickly. Once they are destroyed 2 giant blue waves appear, one at the bottom, one at the top go from left to right and take out the blue waves. Next some pink squares appear and they should'nt be much hastle just go around the screen in a clockwise direction.

    STAGE 3: 2 pacifisms and 2 greens to start off with, kill them quickly. Once they are destroyed pacifisms spawn all around the arena except for the right side where a wave of greens appear. No problem shoot a corner free from pacifisms and go into that corner, next target the incoming greens so they cannot come near you. This should kill most of the pacifisms aswell. After the greens are destroyed kill the rest of the pacifisms.

    STAGE 4: 2 blues and 2 greens to start, kill them quickly. Once they are destroyed greens spawn at the bottom right and blues spawn at the top left. Quickly make your way to the top left and destroy most of blues and all of them if you can whilst making your way to the top right and then to the bottom right. Shoot the greens and prepare for a wave of yellows in the bottom left corner that charge at you very fast. Take them out or bomb them and go in an anti clockwise direction to easily destroy the rest of the enemies. Once this is done some gates will appear causing no hastle.

    STAGE 5: 2 yellows and 2 pacifisms to start, Avoid the yellows and take them all out. Once that is done lots of yellows will spawn and charge at you. Shoot a hole through the right side of them and wait for the next wave of yellows. Do this 6 times and then lots of double pinks and pacifisms will spawn which shouldnt cause much hastle.

    STAGE 6: 2 pinks and 2 greens to start, kill them quickly. Once that is done some pacifisms, greens and pinks will spawn. Go around in either direction and shoot forward killing them all. Next a big wave of yellows will spawn around you so prepare to shoot at them very quickly.

    STAGE 7: 2 double pinks and 2 pacifisms to start, kill them quickly. Once they
    are destroyed pacifisms,double pinks and waves of blues will come in to play. Shoot holes through the blue waves until 2 portals appear. Do not shoot the prtals until all enemies are destroyed.

    STAGE 8: 2 portals and 2 blues to start, kill the blues first and then the portals. After that you will be surrounded by portals followed by lots of blues. Make sure you dodge the prtals and takes out the blues first.

    STAGE 9: 4 greens to start, kill them. After that hundreds of greens will appear either use a bomb or hold them off.

    STAGE 10: 2 double pinks and 2 speedy blues to start, avoid the speedy blues and take them all out, This will trigger lots of pacmen and speedy blues whilst there are lots of double pinks on the outside of the arena. Focus on the speedy blues and the pinks whilst avoiding the pacmen.

    STAGE 11: 4 pinks to start, kill them. After that you will fight waves of blues and pinks so be on your guard by shooting through the blues and wait until you have a shot at the pinks. Suddenly you will be surrounded by pacifisms so use a bomb.

    STAGE 12: 2 snakes and 2 yellow start, kill the yellows and then the snakes. After that you will be bombarded by snakes and yellows, it's down to your Geo skill!

    STAGE 13: You start with some next blue stuff covering a geo nucleus. This is accompanied by 2 greens, Kill the greens first then the blue stuff. After you have done that just use a bomb!

    STAGE 14: 4 portals to start and then constand bombards of portals. Take one out at a time and then all of them when they have stopped spawning.

    STAGE 15: 4 yellows to start. quickly move the left and take them out. After that you will be surrounded by yellow swarms so either use you bombs or fight them off.

    STAGE 16: 4 pacifisms to start so be on your guard! once they are destroyed you will fight many pacifisms and greens so move the right and shoot at the pacifisms. Once you have done this make sure you go in a clockwise direction to eliminate all enemies. You will be surrounded all of a sudden so use a bomb!

    STAGE 17: BY NOW IF YOU HAVENT DIED YOU CAN JUST KEEP DIEING! but anyway... 4 blues to start, kill them. After that you will fight loads of blues so just go in a clockwise direction and shoot holes through them to escape. After that there will be many yellow swarms be on your guard or use a bomb!

    STAGE 18: 2 pinks and 2 yellows to start, kill them, After that you will fight swarms of pinks and yellows so use a bomb or dodge and shoot them.

    STAGE 19: CONSTANT SNAKES!!! so just use your geo wars dodging and shooting at the heads of these geo demons!


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