Doing Work Achievement

  • Doing Work



    Kill 1000 enemies while in Guerrilla mode


    You can obtain this on any difficulty and level. This will come over time while you play Guerrilla mode. There are 50 waves for each level. So depending on how many waves you complete. Playing with a full 4 player lobby might limit the amount of kills you would get, so doing this with 2 players would have a better out come. That way there is an even amount of kills shared.

  • guerilla mode looks sweet cannot wait, already pre ordered please take my money
  • I probably killed at least 7,000 in Mass Effect 3's version of Horde so this should be easy enough, just a slower pace.
  • what is guerrilla mode
  • Yeah, what is it?
  • i think its like a horde/firefight mode where you can team up with up to four players and hold off waves of enemies. looks pretty cool
  • its like the survival mode from mw3 but off course more tactic xd
  • Looking for people to play this game with me and boost some multiplayer achievements and do coop story mode with must have a mic GT TheJDog01234567
  • if any1 is interested in boosting or whatever for some mp achievos and this achievo, msg me on xbl... my gt: Suum Cuiqu3 Ps- i need some people to ply the coop campaign with. i prefer if u hv a mic so there can b easier cooperation and communication.
  • Boosting is for chumps, go out there and play, WAY EASY ACHIEVEMENT
  • Looking for friends that have this game. Send me a friend request and we can play online, coop, or guerrilla mode. Thanks
  • does anyone know of where or how you can check your current progress of number of kills?
  • i want to play the guerilla mode but the lack of matchmaking is just so stupid before i return this i do want to give it a shot. if it has a way to find players i'd keep it but i'm leaning towards dumping it ;/
  • oh gt is UKillMeLongTime
  • add me gt:archangel162 same as username i am willin to do campaign and guerilla achievements
  • need help add me unchainedsniper on all day
  • Anyone down for Story Mode Add me JSINN23, I have a mic but dont use it, I know how to play the game without being told wtf to do so if you want to play and win add me and well start up a GAME!!
  • Add Izzen for some Guerrilla mode
  • me and my buudy want to try and get a full room (2 squads) not sure if its possible but want to try and if not just get a full squad together...add me or message me on sunday, will be on almost all day
  • just finished 50 waves on recruit only two players over 5 hours
  • Please feel free to add me for Guerrilla mode and co-op. Thanks GT:twona
  • first day 16 wave alone
  • I think it's actually pretty hard alone..16 is impressive. Any hints?
  • Any one needs a team mate add me, on most nights RivalRICARDO
  • This one is going to be fun
  • this vid gives you a good idea of what you'll be doing plus some tactics
  • looking to do this need help msg me if you just need kills thats cool i got someone to help
  • This achievement is long a tedious. Has anybody found a good map for this? It seems like they all have way too many entrances to protect for just one person.
  • just got this its awsome
  • if anyone is still playing this and wants to do co-op campaign and guerilla Gt: Zekrom92
  • Please add for this game: GT: regentvirus201
  • I didn't have this achievement after Guerilla Mode, yet.
  • hahhahaahaa
  • Need someone to play guerilla mode with. My gamertag is El Grunto 14.
  • on now. :GT , BBoxed
  • Add me to play guerilla mode meanmachine832
  • Add me for co-op campaign, guerilla achievements or to attempt squad match achievements GT: KINGsucram
  • Hey guys, I still need a few hundred guerilla kills to get this and grinding that alone is boring me shitless. If you need a 3rd or 4th guy for your 50 waves achievement, send me an invite and we'll get it done.
  • This one is almost impossible to do all alone because as you porgress through the rounds, it just gets harder and harder
  • Down to boost Multiplayer and guerilla. Hit me up GT: Iridium2002
  • BrownCrusader - if you're still interested, I sent you a friend request so we can tackle Guerilla.
  • Who still play guerrilha mode please add me enioii See you

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