Good Effect on Target Achievement

  • Good Effect on Target



    In Guerrilla mode, kill more than 5 enemies with an airstrike


    This can be done on any difficulty and level (don't do it on the Office). Once you successfully complete each wave you will be awarded with a Wave Streak. Keep fighting until you are awarded the Air Strike reward. Once you have the Air Strike reward (around wave 8), be sure you have enough enemies in your area before activating it. You don't need to aim or direct the Air Strike, once used, it will just fire and destroy just about every target on the map.

  • add me gt:archangel162 same as username i am willin to do campaign and guerilla achievements
  • Very easy To get , got this in first 10 mins of play, just use the strike about 10 seconds after a new wave starts.
  • Need someone to play guerilla mode with. My gamertag is El Grunto 14.
  • on now. :GT , BBoxed
  • You unlock the airstrike after surviving 8 waves in a row :D

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