Just a Box Achievement

  • Just a Box



    While in Guerrilla mode, complete an infiltration sequence without being detected


    Map: Office 
    Difficulty: Recruit
    Just spawn, and immediately crouch (using  ). Stay crouched the entire wave. Just move through the map and eliminate all 5 enemies without setting off any detections. Follow the video for any additional level details. 

    Once you eliminate the 5 enemies and the mission ends, you will get the achievement.

    Thanks to Maka for the great description and video.

  • Always nice to see a Metal Gear reference.
  • IKR... i LMAO when i read this achievement
  • :-D HAHHH! That's AWESOME! Thanks to #1 for pointing out that great homage to Metal Gear. I probably would've missed it otherwise. Cheers :-)
  • Lol
  • Just A Box Guide http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCJRuvMTccg
  • It's probably easiest to do on the airfield map, wave 1, easiest difficulty as there are only 4 enemies. If you have a party of 4, just sync shot all 4 targets. If you are trying this solo, the kill order is: 1. Guy patrolling right side of hq. 2. Guy patrolling interior of hq. 3. Guy patrolling upper level of hq. 4. Guy at the base of the stairs on the far left. Make sure when you kill someone, the body is out of the line of sight of other soldiers. Even if you get detected, if you kill him before the "engaged" warning pops up, you should still be able to get the achievement. Cheers
  • Atleast someone writes a helpful guide instead of talking about the ach name. Go elsewhere for that garbage.
  • U got that right #7 lol thanks for the tip #6 just got it on solo thanks man
  • on now. :GT , BBoxed

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