Good Enough for Government Work Achievement

  • Good Enough for Government Work



    Achieve a Ghost skill rating above 80% for all missions


    The earliest level to get this is will be Subtle Arrow. Remember, if you fail don't worry because chances are you will get it in a different mission.

    With the following tips it is possible on multiple levels, but this is your first easy opportunity. 

    Map: Subtle Arrow
    Difficulty: ANY (Elite optional)


    • Veteran or Elite difficulty
    • High Accuracy (95%+), Use Mark and Sync Shot to easily attain this
    • Headshots (Aim for the head)
    • Side Missions, try your best to complete these during the mission
    • No civilian casualties. Try to limit them as much as possible.
    • Limit your deaths and checkpoint restarts!
    • Use the sensor to scan areas before deciding who to kill.

    Note: Also follow these recommendations for ever level to unlock Good Enough for Government Work. It has also come to my attention that difficulty, deaths, restarts and the challenges do not affect the Ghost Skill score (%) at the end of the level.

    Thanks to Maka for the great description and video.

  • very easy 1
  • If I play through on elite and don't get 80% or higher will I have to redo the entire campaign or can I do select mission's
  • You can select missions. I'd recommend doing the Ghost scores on Elite due to the extra multiplier you get for it.
  • Is the achievement based on accuracy % or do you have to score 80/100 or better.
  • As far as I can tell, it's based on everything in the summary pages. Though it appears accuracy is a major contributing factor.
  • The Ghost Skill Rating is based on seven factors. Silenced Kills (2 points) CQB Kills (3 points) Sync Shots (2 points per enemy) Accuracy (1 point per percent) Headshots (1 point) Civilian Casualties (-20 points) Campaign Difficulty (50, 75, 100 points) Each level has a required amount of points to equal 100 ghost rating each level and it's requirements are as follows. Mission 1 "Nimble Guardian": 220 Points Mission 2 "Subtle Arrow": 330 Points Mission 3 "Noble Tempest" 290 Points Mission 4 "Tiger Dust 240 Points Mission 5 "Silent Talon" 200 Points Mission 6 "Firefly Rain" 280 Points Mission 7 "Ember Hunt" 260 Points Mission 8 "Deep Fire" 250 Points Mission 9 "Valiant Hammer" 225 Points Mission 10 "Gallant Thief" 260 Points Mission 11 "Invisible Bear" 200 Points M
  • Mission 12 "Shattered Mountain" 225 Points (Stupid character limit)
  • I found that if i was fairly accurate (burst a lot), just let teammates do most of shooting, not set off any alarms (when possible) I got a ghost score above 80%. I suggest following this guys walkthrough if your having trouble getting: I found it helpful, though i used it for the tactical challenges mainly.
  • Yeah i got 79% on first mission on elite, but i died 3-4 times, 56% accuracy, 19 headshots, 1 stealth kill, killed 1-2 civilians, failed the mission towards the end because i was detected... So i did absolutely horrible for never playing this game...! But it also gives everyone examples on why I only got a 79%! So like the two guys said about the second mission( that i have not played yet) will be the best/ easiest level to get this achievement and gives you a better understanding on how you are rated throughout the mission! I know that in some games with similiar scoring systems such as this... Stealth, headshots, team/civilian/yourself casualties or deaths, completion time, and weapon accuracy are going to be the things that determine your end of mission score! I hope this helps everyon
  • Is there anyway to go back and check what missions you got what score on, got 100 on all so far apart from one which I got 68, but i really cant remember the mission I got 68 on.
  • So to get 100% do i have to play on Elite?
  • When your in a mission briefing press x for your rchallenges and then rb it'll tell you you ghost squad score. Unfortunately you have to go to each mission individually to find out You don't have to do it on elite. But it was certainly easier then on recruit or veteran to get the achievement.
  • I got an 80, I wonder if that will count towards the 80 + or does it have to be 81 or higher..
  • Does it have to be 81 and more to count or 80 is good too? Got 80 in the 4th mission :|

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