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    Achieve a Ghost skill rating of above 90% on one mission


    This is done during each mission in campaign. Completing all of the tactical challenges will earn you several weapon attachments, as well as the 'Master Tactician & Tactician' achievements (Complete 100% of the tactical challenges & complete 50% of the tactical challenges).

    There are a total of 12 missions. Each one has 3 tactical challenges. If you die after completing a challenge you do not have to do it again, it will stay saved after the first completion! You can do the tactical challenges over multiple playthroughs or in Mission Selection. The chosen difficulty does not matter (only for the challenges that are tied to a difficulty - Mission 4, 6, 9, 10).
    You do not have to reach the end of the mission to make the tactical challenge count. You can drop out after reaching the next checkpoint. The enemies have the same motion pattern on every difficulty.

    Note: You do not have to do the Weapon challenges. 

    MeonOner Credits: PowerPyx for taking the time to make a very detailed guide with videos located HERE!

  • I don't know if this is the easiest place to get it, but I got it on the very first mission. Playing on Elite (which may well be a multiplyer), I went for as many headshots a possible, and I made sure that I didn't kill any of the civilians. When the score came up at the end of the level, it showed 26 headshots and no civilians kill, giving me a score of 96% and thus this achievement.
  • I couldn't get it on the first level, anyone have any other level suggestions?
  • The second level is the easiest. It's almost all stealth based which will guarantee headshots, I got it without even going for it. Just get those headshots and don't get caught and you'll be fine. The first half you can spam sensors cause you can find lots of resupplies around and the other half you're in the desert so you'l be using the magnify view of whatever it's called. (I might be wrong on the specific mission, but it's the one you get the "What Goes Up..." achievement.)
  • @#3 Yes that is the second level I got it here as well very simple level to get it on I got 100/100 on elite, still not sure if difficulty has anything to do with it though.
  • this video can give you a good idea on how to take on stealth missions to get this achievement http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlXj6ef1Mcw
  • Gallant Thief is also an easy mission to get it on.
  • best ive got is a 55 LOL wtf, ill get the 80 I hope. Im on elite though
  • Yeah i got 79% on first mission on elite, but i died 3-4 times, 56% accuracy, 19 headshots, 1 stealth kill, killed 1-2 civilians, failed the mission towards the end because i was detected... So i did absolutely horrible for never playing this game...! But it also gives everyone examples on why I only got a 79%! So like the two guys said about the second mission( that i have not played yet) will be the best/ easiest level to get this achievement and gives you a better understanding on how you are rated throughout the mission! I know that in some games with similiar scoring systems such as this... Stealth, headshots, team/civilian/yourself casualties or deaths, completion time, and weapon accuracy are going to be the things that determine your end of mission score! I hope this helps everyon
  • 2nd mission on vet got 96% and I killed 1 civilian
  • Just going through my games on an achievement hunt & started playing this again. i did the first mission on elite, got 100/100 ghost score but didn't get this achievement.

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