Master Tactician Achievement

  • Master Tactician



    Complete 100% of the Tactical challenges


    See Master Tactician achievement description for more details.

  • Kind of hard since so many of the challenges dont unlock when you meet the long as this game has been in development, its a shame to see how broken this game is...lame achievements, broken challenges, moronic team AI, unbalanced enemy AI, WTF.....should have delayed it longer, no public matches of the Guerrilla mode, etc....did they even ask what the gamers want....such a shame
  • ^ is this the right place for your little rant? OT: Once you know what you're doing none of the Tactical challenges should prove to be too much of an issue. If they are, just run through them on Recruit (except the ones that require Elite obviously) The good thing about it is that it carries on over mission playthroughs, so if you get 2 the first time you run a level, when you run it again you'll only need the 1 challenge :)
  • ^...Um, yes it is. You see, when they ask for 100% completion and it can not be achieved due to a buggy game...then yes, this IS the place to rant. I know what the requirements are, and I know when I meet them and the challenge still doesnt unlock, there is something wrong.
  • Funny, I always thought these sections were to help people gain the achievements, not bitch about you not being able to. That's what the forums are for... What challenges are you referring to? I haven't had any bug out on me yet(?)
  • If I complete 2 Challenges on Recrut, do I have complete the same Challenges on an other difficulty?
  • lol #1 and #3 i have completed almost all of them and have not had a single one bug on me. i think you guys just need to read the challenge carefully and do it. they shouldnt be glitched
  • I have not had any problems with the tactical challenges unlocking.
  • This guys walkthrough of the challenges is VERY helpful!!! I HIGHLY suggest watching the videos if your having trouble with any of the challenges, especially the ELITE difficulty ones.
  • @1 I haven't had a single problem completing any of the challenges and the squad AI is better than the friendly AI in pretty much any shooter in recent memory. Maybe you just suck?
  • I'm havin problems with these ones ( 10 headshot in diamond formation & 10 Bodards..... EMP.....). The AI teammembers kills everything to fast. Only need these 2 to clear thisone.
  • I have had a problem with this too. On the first level it says burst kill 5 enemies with an LMG. I have pulled the trigger where it shoots 1 round and I have pulled the trigger where it just burst fires 3 rounds and killed multiple enemies, yet it never counts any of them. What am I doing wrong?
  • Correction: Bodarks
  • @11 This requires killing 5x enemies with a single "burst" - in this instance that is defined as a single press of a full-auto trigger and don't let go until you have killed 5x enemies with the single magazine/burst without reloading. There are a few places where it's quite easy to do when a bunch of 5x enemies are quite close to each other. Also, use a LMG with a slower auto firing speed and further slow the firing speed with a change in the gas system which makes it more controlled and less firing speed. I used the Ultimax and it worked like a charm! Good luck!
  • @#13. Thanks for clarifying that. I guess I just had a different idea of what "burst" meant.
  • does this include weapon challenges?
  • @15. I would assume no since the achievement says "tactical challenges". But, I have been wrong B4.
  • i only need the ten headshots in diamond formation so far there are walkthroughs on youtube that can really help if your sruggling and its the 3 tactical challenges per mission you need weapon challegnes arent included in the achievment :)
  • This guide really is awful. You have "See Master Tactician" in the Master Tactician section and have confused many of the achievement requirements with other achievements. I can confirm that reloading checkpoint resets your challenge progress however as i've just lost all of it on that shitty Georgian level. Absolute bullshit.
  • Wicked game, been in development for a long time, very ambitious unfortunate that there were so many multiplayer bugs and single player mishaps. But the they have relatively fixed the game through patches. looking forward to FS:2
  • Only challenege I have difficulty completeing is the master sniper in "Invisible Bear". I think it might be bugged or glitched though because I made sure to count each kill, and I got 17 ina row before I missed but it never popped. So I restarted the mission, but everytime I got a kill it would reset back to 1. I think I got all the other challenges but this one but if it's glitched I don't think I can get it. Has anyone else had trouble with that particular challenge and/or can give help?
  • #21 clear your system cache then go back into the game DONT download the patch!!!!! Just play the mission & it all should add up on the kill counter. after that's done you can go back & do the download as far as I know only glitch I've had & I have all off line achievements done... Hope this helps
  • solution to "invisble bear" counter-glitch: erase installed game from hard drive, clear system cache and complete challenge offline. Solution source:

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