Future Soldier Achievement

  • Future Soldier



    Complete the campaign in Elite


    See Just Another Day at the Office achievement description for more details.

  • This is going to be insane. I am well into the campaign on Elite and it's VERY challenging. This achievement will be a gem :)
  • @comment 1 lol are you kidding me,i completed the campaign on elite in no time. so easy
  • Haven't finished yet, but the hardest part so far was protecting a certain VIP once you pull him out of the container. I kept getting killed just before I got to cover until I realized the order I had to shoot some of the enemies. Over and over.
  • Not bad at all. Like #2 said, 'easy'. I thought it would be a little more challenging, but nothing too hard.
  • can you get this achievement by beating all missions on elite through the mission select or do you have to play entire game through
  • Yeah you can mission select,and it is a really easy campaing on elite I was keping a bullet tally and only used 268 rounds the entire elite campaign
  • only tough part of the game for me on elite was the very final level, because you have to work fast and not let the second target get away. so theres no time to sit around and tag guys with a drone. its the only level I had to do a lot of running and gunning
  • also wondering about one of the achievements.. i know this is the wrong achievement posting but do you need to beat the game to unlock all the guns for the weapon challenges? i got half way through on veteran and thought it was way to easy so i switched but i want to play through elite with all the guns for the challenges.
  • Anyone interested in coop on elite? If so, send me a message (via Xbox Live). My gamertag is GC328.
  • anyone want to help me do co op campaign on elite message me and add me gamer tag is the same as above KiNG xx Monst3z
  • For a bit of assitance when protecting VIP's, If youve played any CALL OF DUTY CAMPAIGN, tap left trigger and right trigger at the same time in small burts to automatically lock on to enemies. Helped a bunch when getting sykes out of that god damn container.
  • Do the difficulty achievements stack? Also, can you do Elite and stack it with Co-Op? Let me know. I'd like to work with someone and beat it on Elite and Co-Op (two birds, one stone kind of deal). "brilliant joey" is my GT.
  • @12 yes they stack
  • Anyone else having trouble on the final mission on Ellite? If you want to beat it on co-op with me hmu on Xbox Live. GT: Da Is1and 904
  • If anyone wants to get this in coop my GT is Filip36365. Im on all day
  • Since this game is on offer, if anyone just bought it and wants to go for these on co-op shoot me a message, GT: Ollie G

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