Just Another Day at the Office Achievement

  • Just Another Day at the Office



    Complete the campaign for the first time


    Start the game on Elite & on Co-op mode. Starting it on Elite and in Co-op will limit the amount of playthroughs you will have to do. The difficulty achievements are stackable. Elite is not hard at all. If you do manage to die or fail, this game has frequent checkpoints which is helpful. Some missions can be long. Some things that will help you get through each level with without much trouble is to:

    • Do not rush!
    • Always take cover
    • Don't get to close to enemies (they can still see you even with the invisible camo)
    • Use the Motion Sensors or the Recon/UAV Drone to locate enemies and their position
    • Use the sync shooting when there are multiple enemies around
    • Attach a Silencer to all your weapons, it will really come into work in the campaign
    • Remember that range isn't a factor in single player
    • Stealth and team work is the key.
  • Just a disclaimer for anyone who bothers to check here, don't wait until the end of the credits for any kind of special video or message; there is none (even if you beat the game on Elite), and the credits are over half an hour . :

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