No Loose Ends Achievement

  • No Loose Ends



    Eliminate the leader of the Raven's Rock faction


    Story related, can't be missed.

  • Just do the campaign, you can't miss it !
  • The chase at the end is starting to annoy me. I'm stuck with one HVT to kill and I can't get him.
  • The only thing that annoys me are the loading screens galore... lol
  • Shoot between the train cars and eventually he will fall
  • Why can't I mark this as complete on this site!!?!??
  • played on normal and found the ending pretty cool an a nice way to end the game (with out a problem]
  • At #5, I'm having the same problem.
  • #2 Agree I broke my copy in two and threwed away the save so i want have to look at it again. made me sick. run and gun in GR game ? not my cup of tee.

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