...I Can Do Better Achievement

  • ...I Can Do Better



    Complete 20 Daily Friend Challenges

    See Anything You Can Do... achievement description for more details.

  • Hey, this seems interesting. Anything that encourages people to communicate and make friends with other players on a game is a good thing as far as I'm concerned.
  • How does it encourage people to comunicate.
  • #2: Wake me up when you can think for yourself.
  • I completed one in the beta the other day, it is very similar to the Forza Car Club Challenges in that regard, and it does promote communication. Right after I got more headshots in a match than my friend previously did, I messaged him to tell him about it. :)
  • i actually agree with #2. it doesn't encourage communication, in fact your not even making new friends...your simply completing challenges that your already existing friends have completed...no communication necessary.
  • I'm with 2 and 5. Comment 3 just makes me want to laugh at that guy. 4 has a point, but you wouldn't send a message like that to anyone you don't already talk to regularly, anyway.
  • Hi, still need a
  • .. bout 9 of those. Add me if you want to boost that.
  • Willing to boost all multiplayer achievements, GT: Pow Bam Zap
  • Willing to boost the multiplayer challenge achievements GT AlphaBadWolf v2
  • Would like more friends to do daily challenges with because I only have one friend who actually plays this game. GT: bigwillestyle33
  • looking to get 50 wave guerrilla, five return volley friend challenge,and the squad domination achievements, im making a squad just need more people. GT: ARCsteve19
  • Want to boost some online achievements especially this one and the return volley one. GT: bigwillestyle33
  • i need help and willing to help back just send friend request to gt: archangel162
  • last one i need. At this point challenges are near impossible to beat. anyone gets a boost session going feel free to message me.
  • Please add me if you are looking to do this. I am not working for another three weeks right now (broke my leg and had surgery) so I am online most of the time. If I'm not, I'm probably doing something else in the house and can get online (my phone gets notifications from Xbox Live). Gamertag is same as Username.
  • what if all the challenges it gives you are almost impossible?
  • lookin to do challenges, easy ones asa in killstreak of 2 ans such, message me
  • im gettin the most simplistic, yet impossible challenges... to get 1 kill in mp takeover, which i dont have. is there anyway to say you dont want this challenge?
  • also can this be obtained by beating personal best challenges, cos thats all im gettin nowadays
  • Down to try and get this one! Hit me up GT: Iridium2002 Thx
  • looking for someone that is still playing to add and get some challenges off of. Add me if you still play/need this GT: Path to Decay
  • Willing to work on This and Anything You Can Do... GT: Pow Bam Zap

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