Anything You Can Do... Achievement

  • Anything You Can Do...



    Complete a Daily Friend Challenge through all return fire volleys

    Beat a friend's challenge 5 times. 
    For this you need to beat a friend's challenge under the Challenge menu. You will have to accept the challenge for it to count. Once you have beaten the Challenge given, go back to the Challenge menu and send the challenge back to your friend. Your friend will need to beat the challenge that was sent to them, and then they send it back to you. Each of you will need to do this 5 times and you have 24 hours to complete the first four, and the fifth on is 2 hours to complete. I would suggest deleting the friend's you have and only keep one, that you and him/her can just get each others challenges. Also if you get challenges like, exp. kill 2 enemies with melee, don't go around killing 20 enemies with melee. Just get 3 kills so its easier to complete. 

    Note: That the player to complete the 5th challenge (500xp reward) will be the only one getting the achievement. So make sure the player who is going for the achievement finishes the 5th challenge. Also beating your own personal best also counts towards ...I Can Do Better.

    Boosting Method: Have just 8 friends on your list with the game. Create 2 different squads, with 4 people in each. Go into a Squad match and search Decoy (3 rounds, 10 minutes each = 30min game mode) together. If one squad gets an empty lobby, back out and search for that empty lobby. Once both squads are in the same lobby you can do the challenges & volleys much easier, since all 8 of you are on each others friends list. Doing the fire volleys will also count towards your ...I Can Do Better achievement. This method also works to boost any of the other online/squad achievements, not just the challenges.

  • what exactly does "through all return fire volleys" mean?
  • @1 I was wondering the same thing.
  • Nothing as far as clarification goes from google, strategy guide, or online manual? Any help would be fantastic
  • not sure if this is right i am just guessing, to me it sounds like you beat a friend challenge then he beats your score on that challenge and you beat his score on that challenge again. Return fire (back and forth) just a guess i don't really know.
  • You need to beat a challenge from a friend then "brag" you did it. He beats your challenge on the same subject and "brags" to you. You need to beat it again and so on for 5 times. This achievement will be a true pain.
  • Sweet. We figured it had to be back and forth for an X amount of times, but there was no clarification as to how many times. Do you know if the challenge resets upon failure?
  • Is this even possible? I got challanges like "Mr. X killed 9 Scouts, do more", how could we get on with this for about five times each? Would be 19 Scouts to kill in one match...
  • This is impossible. I have one friend who has the game. He sends me a challenge for "Complete more than 10 kills in a game." Okay. I get 43 kills. Well, looks like we won't be getting that achievement.
  • Still don't know how to do this one. Does anyone know how to "brag" to another person?
  • I was told to delete all but one friend (that have played GRFS) that want to get this achievement as well. Get in a party, delete all other friends that have played GRFS. Go to dashboard. Invite friend to play online. One of you should have a challenge from that friend. If not just play a game. Accept challenge (which ever is easier). If you accept challenge, have your friend help you by defending you. Then when you complete the challenge, go back to the challenges. It will ask if you want to brag and challenge friend back. Hit YES. Then help your friend in the next game complete the same challenge with a bigger number. For example, get 5 kills as a rifleman, next game, get 6 kills as a rifleman.
  • Is this boostable in any way? Because I have been hearing rumors? If it is I would be more than happy to help with this :) GT: IzK I EL1T3 x
  • this is a stupid achievement. anyone want to (if it's possible) boost it, my gt is BLUESPADE x360a
  • Horrible achievement!
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  • can this be done with someone that does not have a Uplay pass?
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