Siege Domination Achievement

  • Siege Domination



    Be part of a squad match where your team captures the objective in under 2 minutes

    See Total Domination achievement description for more information.

    Note: This must be done in a Squad match NOT Quick match.

  • Is this achievement glitches?
  • glitched***
  • no.. just hard unless your playing with good people
  • Are you sure you were in SQUAD match and not a random quick game?
  • how do i get in a squad match
  • you have to either create a squad with friends or join a squad. Instead of selecting MP at the main menu, select SQUAD
  • looking to join a Squad to do mp squad achievements add me gt: hosenc1 im usually on 9p-12a depending on work if not im on all day just about
  • look to also boost this have currently 4-5 five players in need of three more for 2 sqauds i will be on from 3pm to 10 basically everyday add me and send me a message my gamertag is. I FEARIX I
  • i am willing to help friend request me GT toandadestroyer or doosydave
  • looking to boost this one this weekend. if interested add me GT: D3V1Lz ASSAZZ1N
  • I am also looking to do this one. Anyone know of a good way to do it?
  • i am looking for a squad to do this with add me if you are willing to help GAMERTAG - v Dj Khaled
  • i am willing to help friend request me GT toandadestroyer
  • Don't join #9 D3V1Lz ASSAZZ1N, he's got the achievement and he don't want to help the others now...he's selfish
  • looking to boost this. hit me up x jacks colon x
  • add me ladiesman22290 im down to help i also need this and the other ones too
  • someone add me or invite me to a squad pleaseeeeee, pretty good IMO. Imperial QLTY
  • I have squad, but there are only 5 other guys, and they are never on, let me know if someone wants to start a squad and actually have members in it. I want to get all of the MP achievements.
  • add me for this, willing to help, good team player. GT: medinasergio
  • Please add me - starting a nice squad to play with; GT - gallzy111
  • anyone wanna do this add me as a friend and i will invite you to the squad toandadestroyer
  • my friend and i we're starting a squad we just need 2 more people so we can get all the sqaud achievement if you want send me a friend request we also doing the max payne 3 clan just let me know
  • Looking 4 a squad, add me : Shadow Phant0m
  • we need 1 more in the squad, so if you are interested send a message. BrutexCHieftain.
  • I have a squad. Message me for invites. We did Conflict Domination and want to get the other 3 out of the way. You can also add me for Guerilla achievements, and Campaign Co-op. GT - Xi Bass iX
  • need a squad and this achievement krispytuna88
  • iam hosting a boosting lobby all day sat and sun starting at 12 noon eastern american time....i have a few people ready to play any others that want to play feel free to message me. ofcourse not all will be able to play at once but there will always be people leaving. message me and freind request if you want to join. dont hit me up unless you ae gonna be serious cause my friends list is almost full
  • This Achievement was the easiest to get by far because all you have to do is play on Cargo as the Bodark Engineer Class with Field Computer and Just Run to the objective as it fills up the capture bar in about 3 to 5 Seconds
  • Need a squad, gt: Nobel 5
  • Ahh squad. explains why I wasn't getting this.
  • Looking to boost this if anyone still needs it. Please send friend request
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