Conflict Domination Achievement

  • Conflict Domination



    Be part of a squad match where your team wins by a margin of 500 points or more

    See Total Domination achievement description for more information.

    Note: This must be done in a Squad match NOT Quick match.

  • What is up with this one? I've won 2 matches where we were over 500 points over the other team and didn't get this. Am I not understanding this right so I didn't get it or what? You have to win by over 500 points right?
  • did you do it in SQUAD match or in a QUICK MATCH? because Quick Match DOES NOT work, it has to be a SQUAD match. (if you dont know what i'm talking about, then it wasnt a squad match)
  • What's the difference? I'm guessing Squad Match has to be with friends?
  • ah i missed the "you must have friends that have this game" part of the acievement
  • SQUAD is a completely seperate option on the main menu. Select it instead of multiplayer. You must be invited to or create one by randoms/friends you play with
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  • Don't join #9 D3V1Lz ASSAZZ1N, he's got the achievement and he don't want to help the others now...he's selfish .
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  • lol thought these achievements were good until i found out they had to be boosted with friends. wtf? why not just make it in normal games? are they actually fucking retarded? i think so.
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