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    Complete 5 Savior Kills in Quick Matches

    To get savior kills, you must kill any enemy that is engaging your teammate. You will have to kill the enemy before they take out your teammate. Doing this will grant you an extra 300xp. If you hold  you will be able to follow one of your teammates around. Just cover them while they are getting shot at and you should get credit towards one savior kill. Do this 4 more times before the match is over and the achievement will be yours

    Note: You will know you got the Savior kill when it pops up under your kill score on the top portion of your screen.

    Note: This does NOT have to be done in one game.

  • Really easy, dosnt have to be in a single game so pops up through normal play.
  • I have well over 5 and no achievement. GAY!
  • Willing to boost all multiplayer achievements, GT: Pow Bam Zap
  • Not unlocking, got more than 5 over various matches and no achievement. Well done everybody.

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