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    Complete 10 Coordinated Kills

    Any class can actually hack, you will have to attach the Stun gun (under secondary). First down an enemy and data hack their body. After a successful data hack enemies will be highlighted in red. Use the Coordination System  to create a path to the nearest enemy. This is done by holding , hold UP on the , you will see a small section on the top of the action wheel with a grid and crosshairs, release the . This will create a path to the nearest enemy. Kill that enemy to achieve a Coordinated Kill. Do this 9 more times to grab the achievement.

    Note: If you were the one who completed the hack, IMMEDIATELY use the Coordination System () to highlight a target path to the player you just downed or stunned (who should be right next to you). Send a bullet to their head, execution style to get an easy Coordinated kill.
    You will know when you get a coordinated kill because it will pop up under your kill score at the top of your screen.

    Note:This does NOT have to be done in one game.

    MeonOner Credits:  XcS Dead Deer for the solution.

  • What exactly are Coordinated Kills?
  • the cover system..use it to approach an enemy and kill them from cover..
  • is it online or single player?
  • It was explained to me on the Ghost recon forum so i'll explain it here It IS online. If you aren't already familiar with using the right bumper, when you press and hold it, it allows you to select either an objective or a player. It then calculates a route to the object that you selected. After a data hack or failed decoy (when enemy intel is available for their entire team), hold the RB and hold the left stick UP (you'll see a grid with crosshairs), and let go of the bumper. It'll create a route to an enemy. You kill that enemy and you get a COORDINATED KILL bonus. 10 of those nets the achievement
  • Here is a good video:
  • Thanks XcS Dead Deer, I had no clue you could do that.
  • This achievement is fucking stupid...
  • @ SweptbackFlame- i agree 100%!
  • Yeah it is pretty stupid. Once I learned how to get it, i started using the stun gun but i found out real quick i suck b*lls with it. So i just wait for someone else on my team to hack (even though hardly any my teammates ever use stun gun), then i get the coordinated kills. Figure ill get it eventually. just like most of the online achievements, they will come in time.
  • i did this on overpass while using scout
  • Thanks no.4, never new that!
  • Willing to boost all multiplayer achievements, GT: Pow Bam Zap
  • Not only I agree with #7, but feels like this game have some of the worst achievements possible.

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