Tuned Up Achievement

  • Tuned Up



    Customize all the internal parts of one weapon

    Super easy. You will need 2 attachment credits. Just customize the Trigger & the Gas System for any gun. If any new attachment effects the guns stats take it off after the achievement unlocks. If you want this really quick, buy a Trigger for your Pistol and it will unlock. 

    Note: Unlocks after you have saved all the new upgrades. You unlock 1 attachment credits every time you level for Bodark & Ghost.

  • easy to do with the pistol...fewer parts and the magazene dosen't count..just hit your paint muzzle trigger optics ect..poped this on the first day.
  • @comment 1. in single player or multiplayer??
  • Got this with the machine gun early on. Still waiting on the external parts achievement to pop.
  • Multiplayer only. I did it with the handgun. I used 4 attachment credits and it popped up for me. Just need the magazine (Level 36) for the external attachments achievement probably.
  • Only 2 Cr needed on the 45T Pistol: Trigger, & Muzzle. Pop!
  • Thanks, Shug. Good call on the 45T. Tycho... I don't know what handgun you are using but you might also need a laser sight.

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