Field Tested Achievement

  • Field Tested



    Play 5 MP matches of each game type

    Play 5 matches of each:

    • Conflict
    • Saboteur
    • Siege
    • Decoy 

    It doesn't matter if you win or lose, the achievement will still unlock. Make sure you play a full match of each, 5 times. Joining in the middle of a match will not count. 

    Note: This does NOT have to be done in one game.

  • I've done this and it hasn't popped for me. I actually did it twice and still nothing. Am I missing something? I played: Conflict, Decoy, Saboteur, and Seige more than 10 times each.
  • I'm wondering you have to do All aswell... Either that or you have to do this as a Squad aswell.
  • Update: The achievement finally popped. I just had to keep playing the four multiplayer modes.
  • Not unlocking for me :/
  • This achievement is absolutely broken...
  • Yeah, I think I played at least 10 games of each and still no pop. Maybe it's win 5 MP of each game type.
  • yes this achievement is broke, and so is the entire game, because the tour of duty achievement is fucked, i have completed all the maps and won on all them and nothings happening. and because of this i will not buy another ghost recon game again. i haven't bought a ghost recon game since the original ones, and now i know not to buy them again. they just need to sort it out and quick.
  • i think i know what it is actually, you have to play 5 matches of each game type, which means 5 times on each seperate game type. sorry for posting twice.
  • woops i didn't read exactly what you guys said sorry.

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