True Ghost Achievement

  • True Ghost



    Get 10 consecutive kills in one Quick Match without dying

    Probably one of the hardest achievement to unlock on the multiplayer. At least for me took me forever. I personally did this using the Scout class on the Pipeline level during a Conflict match. I just took cover behind a wall on the second floor, wait to become invisible and press  to aim behind cover and  to bring up your scope and snipe the enemies as they try to capture the objective.

    Basically choose a class your comfortable with and try to get a map you know your way around. Or if your lucky enough to find a match with some people that aren't very good at this game, focus on killing them, then capturing objectives. Good luck with this one!

  • Noooooooooooooooo. :( I'm just not good enough for this kind of streak.
  • time to boost lol
  • Fuuuck. I got lucky and did this in the Beta.
  • I can't believe you guys are complaining about a ten killstreak. Pathetic.
  • In the Beta everyone's kill/death is terrible, guess we'll find out if it's because everyone's still unfamiliar with the game or it's just hard to stay alive (enemies are EVERYWHERE!).
  • #4: Look up the definition of Complain and Pathetic. Just saying it's hard and it's not worthy of pathos.
  • managed to get an 11 kill streak in the beta, but if I was trying for this achievement i think it would be harder because u will always be worrying about it.
  • In my very first game I got an 8 killstreak. Will be much easier just after release with lots of noobs playing.
  • this will be easy. do this every game pretty much
  • I will probably have to boost this one, because I don't do it "every game pretty much". ;) To be honest, it probably won't be too hard to set up camp and do it, but you won't be helping your team too much towards the objective, nor will you end up high on the leader board at the end of the match. So it will be a trade off, I prefer winning over KDR so we will see.
  • Damn... this one is going to be tricky...
  • MSG me at TheJDog01234567 for boosting the mutiplayer achievements
  • Boosters = complete tossers. It's called an achievement for a reason you bell's. Literally oh dear ... cue to hate people who have no life & boost with no skill ...... pathetic
  • Come on, it's only 10. There is absolutely no need to boost this.
  • I got this in the Beta a couple of times, so should be alright.
  • I'm pretty good at shooter games I must say but this game is a fuking drag. This achievement will be tough considering all the campers that I encountered in the beta. My highest in the beta was like 11 or 13 but you die so damn quick in this game and get shot from every angle. Not to mention you actually need friends to play this game or you will get smashed. Good thing I got max Payne instead of this game. Had high hopes for this game but the spamming of the sensors is pretty ridiculous. As well as some other bullshit too. Oh and think before you call anyone else pathetic and complainers. Lulz you're complaining about other people complaining about shit that shouldn't even matter to you. Now THAT'S pathetic. Who cares if they want to boost for an achievement not like you probably haven't
  • I hate shit like this, I got to a 9 kill streak in the beta without trying, the problem is, if you go up against an organized team that do that fucking annoying thing of using UAV's or hacking stunned enemies you are fucked, if this was a normal shooter with no tech it would be fine, even easier if your team has the UAV, i dont plan on buying this on release so by the time i get it everyone will be too good and i will suck and wont get it, that is why the achievement sucks cunt.
  • Got this last night after about 3 hours! (didnt even play the beta lol). I set up my Sniper with 12x scope and Bipod, then got 7 kills with it. After i ran out of ammo I stunned an enemy, hacked him, picked up his ACR, and got 3 more kills! Was a relief to see it pop because the last 2 I killed at the same time and expected to die first
  • @13 Look boy-your on an ACHIEVEMENT website so people wanting to boost cheevo's is a natural and probably integral progression of the website-if your too good for it or think your such a pro then piss off to pro players website-and leave mere mortals to free to post requests etc,without having to trade insults with gimps like you!
  • Sorry-ranting over.Back On Topic i reckon if your gonna get this legit then #18's is the wasy to go,and you would be at home doing this as during the beta it was camp and sensor spam city on pretty much every game i played-not a day of release buy for me which is a shame cos i would probably be one of the fools running all over the map and getting picked off by snipers looking for a 10 kill-streak achievement!
  • Eh, I just posted up on Cargo and hunted the other snipers on the other side. There were 2 that constantly stayed back on their end so I figured it was as good a time as any. Just happened to play in my favor
  • No my friend-misunderstanding,i was merely saying that yours was probably the soundest tactic to getting this achievement.
  • Haha, i know you weren't calling me a camper. Just stated how I did it because on Cargo people usually will camp each end with snipers. Just be patient and you can score headshots pretty quick for the achievmeent
  • Got this one the day after it released in the US on the Harbor map. For all of you complaining and crying about sensors/UAVs learn to counter them. I don't see as many people spamming sensors now as I did in the Beta, not to mention that the sensors got dumbed down a little. Anyhow, I got this without trying to get it, when it popped up I had to check to see what it was.
  • If you are interested in getting this achievement, message me. There is a method of boosting which you have to have 12 players to do. First: You need 10-12 players. Start a match any match type will work. I have not gotten the achievement but message me if you want in. Also i will also help with other multiplayer achievements too as long as you help me. MY GT:TikiToughguy, for now just message me. MY friends list is full
  • Got it without even trying! :D Just enjoy the game! You'll get it eventually.
  • Current People who want in on boosting 1. TikiToughguy 2. daquijones1980 3. KRACKER254 4. SadPandaOnAcid 5. Open 6. Open 7. Open 8. Open 9. Open 10. Open 11. Open 12. Open This is for people who want to get the achievements NOW and then enjoy the game. The game lobby for boosting will become open on 3:30 pm EC, everyday. Just message me for a spot for boosting and also this is for all multiplayer achievements.
  • Not accepting inv for awhile, very close to getting all mass effect achievements and i would like that to be out of the way before i go back to boosting on grfs
  • Ugg. Got 9 last night....ran out of ammo and got killed trying to find a gun to pick up off a dead body.
  • Got a 13 killstreak and no achievement... very glitchy game.
  • Looking to boost this and all other Multiplayer/Co-op achievements. Send me a message because I'm on pretty much every night! GT: Jondude20
  • Just got the game didnt really no of the achievement. Went online got some kills and got it :D
  • Looking to boost this and all other multiplayer acheivements tonight GT: ryancot96
  • Another piece of shit, 'Dead' achievement not worthy of grief. It is very rare for me to get a streak greater than 4 in almost any game. I could go 85-36 and never get this achievement. Why? Because it's just that I can't get a streak even half this long, even if I get many kills and/or go up against a clan of noobs. Fuck this achievement. It would require me to use many drone strikes in a row to even have a chance at getting this one. This is one achievement that should be deleted from Xbox Live. >:(

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