Recon Specialist Achievement

  • Recon Specialist



    Complete 5 Intel Assists in Quick Matches


    To get an Intel Assist kill, you will have to assist a teammate in killing an enemy which is currently highlighted on the map/radar in a red outline. Using sensor grenades, cameras, data hacking players or anything that allows you to mark enemies will work.

    Note: This does NOT have to be done in one game.

  • I played the Beta and am still unsure of the details on an "intel assist." What exactly is it?
  • Pretty sure it would mean the assist kills you get if you highlight an enemy using a UAV and someone kills the enemy while you have them targeted. Not sure if it works for enemies you paint with a sensor grenade or camera sensor.
  • I believe the UAV will work. I got it due to stunning/hacking enemies to reveal their location to our team. (Also great points in Conflict. 750 for the hack alone, then 300 points per enemy killed)
  • What #3 said. I stunned a guy then did a data team then went to town & the achievement popped.

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