Kitted Out Achievement

  • Kitted Out



    Customize 1 weapon with an external attachment at every attachment point


    You will need 7 attachment credits. Just customize the Barrel, Magazine, Muzzle, Optics, Side Rail, Stock, Underbarrel & (not sure if Paint counts, but add it anyways. Gives your gun SWAG.) Even if one of the parts you unlock changes the stats on the gun, buy it anyways and just change after the achievement unlocks. Save all new upgrades for achievement to unlock.

    Note: You unlock attachment credits every time you level for Ghost and Bodark, no matter what team your on.

  • modify everything with a different attachment basically?
  • I'm gonna guess it's like an Underbarrel attachment for a grenade launcher or something.
  • Best done on the Rifleman class (either Ghost ACR or Bodark AK-47). Just get to level 9 and purchase 1 attachment at every option (that'll be 9 in total) and you're good to go.
  • I cant get this one to unlock. I did it with the Ak and the ACR. Every single spot I I changed or added an attachment. Any one else?
  • @4 This happened to me too. I did every part on the AK and I only got the internal one and did not get the external one.
  • After you equip the attachments save the gun. All I did was buy the last part (extended barrel) and that was it but I didn't get the achievement. I didn't think to save the weapon with it on since I don't use it, just did that and I got it.
  • heres an idea of the achievement, hope it helps
  • @4,@5 this has happened to me too both fully customised ak and acr and no achievements for either one (external&internal)

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