High-Value Target Achievement

  • High-Value Target



    Kill a member of the dev team, or kill someone who has


    This is a viral achievement and it should be your first multiplayer achievement. Don't really focus on this one, because the chances are that the first enemy you kill will give you the achievement. If not keep playing.

  • Viral Achievement FTW! IMO these are the most fun b/c you never really expect them until they pop.
  • They're fun, but can also be a bitch to get. Took me forever to get the one for Borderlands.
  • Another one? Really?
  • too easy.. first match i played i earned this one
  • The first person i killed unlocked this cheevo!!
  • i got it tonight on my only kill of the game ahahaha 1 kill 12 time be killed yeah !!!! very surprice when it pop up but i think the first day of the game must be alot of dev player
  • first kill, first achievement. that was easy.
  • Same here. Very easy... I got it in my first MP match.
  • First Person i killed online, got it
  • Yep, very first online kill.
  • Same here my very first online match and I get this achievement, the one I thought I'd never get! If anyone wants to do any guerrilla mode. friend request me: gt He11oImAwesome.
  • Quite funny because the more people play the game the easier this will be
  • didn't realise this was i viral achievement till i checked after it popped. sweet!
  • after 1 h online, i got this achievement. :-)
  • I got this one in the very first match I played lol...

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