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    Spend 25 Attachment Credits with each role

    You get credits for both sides, Ghost and Bodark. Just stick to one class at a time and just unlock attachments for the weapons you unlock and have. You will need to get the Scout, Assault & Engineer to at least level 13 each, to have enough credits. The Mod Pro achievement will most likely be unlock for some at this point. 

    Note: Pistols also count towards this achievement. I'm not sure if there is a way to track how many attachments you have bought for one class. 

  • Does anyone know if this is for all three classes or all three on each faction? 25 ghost 25 bodark or just 25 scout 25 rifleman 25 engineer?
  • I would like to know as well. If someone knows, could you send me a message on xbox live? Because it is either reach level 13 on each class, or reach level 25 on each class, not including factions.
  • I can confirm its 25 per class. I had a 25 soldier, 13 eng and 13 scout. Spent all the points I had and it popped.
  • This is either glitched for me or im doing something wrong. i have a level 18 rifleman , 14 scout and 14 engineer. 2 attachment credits for each faction per character i should have 36 and 28 x 2, but it hasnt unlocked for me and ive spent all my credits
  • @#3 and everyone else. I confirmed that you must get to level 25 at least with each class. Scout, Rifleman, and Engineer. Then use the 25 credits. Not sure if you will need to use it per faction as well. But I only have a few more levels on my Engineer. Then I will update.
  • @5 I found out the same as #3 - it is a collective 25 points spent on each class as a whole. I had a level 23 scout, lvl 14 engineer and lvl 17 rifleman when I decided to give spending everything a try, and sure enough it popped :)
  • Is this not just a case of spending 25 credits on each class. Rifleman, scout and engineering? 13 for Ghost and 13 Bodark...
  • If you use the bonus points from the GR Network, it wil help pop this one faster.
  • Confirmed you don't need to be at level 25 in any character...just level 13 in each.
  • For anyone who still needs this, it is definitely level 13 as each class, but it can be glitchy. When my achievement didn't pop I started using respec tokens on my classes. After using it on my engineer and then unlocking 1 attachment, the achievement popped.

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