High Speed, Low Drag Achievement

  • High Speed, Low Drag



    Reach Level 50 on any character

    Choose one class that best suits you. You get XP pretty much for anything: 

    • spawning of teammates
    • killing enemies behind cover
    • getting collateral damage
    • shooting through thin objects
    • capturing objectives
    • data hack
    • healing, etc. 

    To get XP quick, without going for objectives. Use the Stun gun or under barrel Stun attachment. Stun your enemies, then quickly run to them and Data hack them, after you complete a successful Data hack, hold , up on the  and then  for a Coordinated kill. Rinse and repeat. I believe doing this method for XP grants you about 1000+xp, and you also get a 1.5xp bonus on the first hour you play. Keep in mind healing a downed teammate gives you 500xp-750xp for every pick up. Spawning off teammates give you 35xp-75xp.

  • this should be the first sick multiplayer game """Tom Clancys""" brought out...
  • yeah it seems pretty good...not too worried about reaching lvl 50, i'll probably do it with all classes anyway
  • I want to make a team to have more fun and get achievments while were at it. Gt: Kami no Senkoku
  • @1: Nothing will EVER beat Vegas 1&2 for a shooter. I am sure that if that had a party system people would have played it way more and would still be playing it.
  • Looking for boosting partners for the online achievements. Gamertag: Akashic Buster

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