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  • Call, Answered



    Complete all Tours of Duty

    This achievement and the other 'Tours of Duty' achievements will take you some time and dedication on the multiplayer. You will have to win 3 MP game modes: 

    • Conflict
    • Saboteur
    • Siege & Decoy

    Choose one game mode until you have won on each map. I suggest making a checklist of the maps name and what game modes you have won on them. 

    Note: You can win the same game mode 3 times for each map, it doesn't have to be 3 different ones.

    **Some say this can be done in quick matches. A win does not count if you join a session in progress or if the host leaves. If anyone could confirm this, please PM or post in thread**

  • Ghosts of War-Field-Duty 3: Bad Future Advanced Warfighter Company-Person It's at least more tasteful than Battlefield 3's marketing campaign was.
  • what do you do for this achievement? sounds long and tiring.
  • is there something special u have to do to get this cuz i got all three tours of duty achievements and this didnt pop
  • What is a tour of duty? Is it all Scout, Engineer and Rifleman characters?
  • @v MacGruber Complete the other 3 related achievements to get it Tour of Duty: Arctic Tour of Duty: Nigeria Tour of Duty: North Sea
  • Yeah it takes a while after completing all of the tours of duty to unlock it. But a tour of duty is winning three matches on a map as any class does not matter which one you play as.
  • Willing to boost all multiplayer achievements, GT: Pow Bam Zap
  • Ok I have unlocked all 3 tour of duty achievements and still have not got this one! I have ranked up around 5 levels since the last one was unlocked and still no achievement, I think it has glitched on me, this happen to anyone else?
  • Would love some help getting this, along with all MP Achievements. Willing to boost them with anyone. Please send message back and lets hope we can find a group of players to do with. GT: xXAtmozFearzXx
  • The only thing I can confirm is this CAN be done in quick matches.
  • willing to boost all mp achievement

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