Tour of Duty: Nigeria Achievement

  • Tour of Duty: Nigeria



    Win 3 MP of any game type on each: Pipeline, Market, Sand Storm, and Overpass maps

    See Call, Answered achievement description for detail.

  • Glitched!!! done these maps about 10x each before it popped up
  • Did you play the same game mode?
  • mine is glitched to, the only one i've got is the Arctic one, but i have completed all maps and won on all of them but the others dont pop up. so ubisoft need to get there fucking act together. there's so many problems with the game. a few other achievements are fucked aswell. they should finish the game before releasing it.
  • I think it has to be in the same game mode that's how me and my friends have been doing it. Another good way is to play the same mode and make a checklist and tallied them when I won just to double check it. Mine popped no problem.
  • i'm having problems unlockin' the cheevo's myself. nice to see that im not the only one gettin' fucked.
  • Willing to boost all multiplayer achievements, GT: Pow Bam Zap
  • Reads to me you have to complete each map 3 times so it should be a total of 12 games. Are you sure you did that?

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