Stockade Domination Achievement

  • Stockade Domination



    Be part of a squad match where your team eliminates the enemy in under 2 minutes.

    This requires you to have a squad that is capable of defeating a team quickly, or able to get matched up against awful teams.

    If you usually fly solo, head HERE to see if you can get yourself a squad.

    This can be boosted by breaking into an 8 person group of 2 4 man teams looking for squad matches at the same time until the two groups meet in a match. Either way, you will need to have your teammates do their best to stay alive while you quickly eliminate the enemies. For every teammate your enemy kills, one of their own teammates will be revived, thus increasing the time it takes to finish the game (like dodgeball).

  • Enough of the "Squad Matches" cheevos!!!!!! Jesus
  • @1 Well said, my thoughts exactly!
  • @1 & @2 Yes Definetly YES! NO MORE SQUAD ACHIEVEMENTS!!!
  • Fuk with these squad achieves...they really suck :/
  • Only two cheevos? They should have had a cheevo for the new Guerilla map and for reaching level 60.
  • I know these achievements suck, but as and when it is released add me AlphaBadWolf v2 I am going to look to boost it out asap.
  • Up for this !
  • add me so we can get this knocked out
  • add me im willing to help toandadestroyer
  • anyone wanna do this or boost for it? add me toandadestroyer
  • Looking for players to join my squad and do this one. Can boost too. Gt: StripyReaper
  • Up for this one. Add me: Mr Carnage
  • Searching 4 playas to boost this shit, XxNooBxX GoKu im playing everynight, so hit me up
  • i looking for players for boost ALL squad achivements.. gt paganSVK
  • Going to be boosting this achievement, send me a friend request. GT: Timmy Morrison
  • GT: Xi Bass iX Looking for people to do this achievement. Send me a message at anytime. I have 3-4 people already and would appreciate more to help out. Thanks!
  • Looking to boost this! hit me up GT: Iridium2002
  • looking for people to do the 2 Dlc squad achievements have 1 other so looking for 6 more people send me a friend request GT raven192
  • looking to boost this one. (ya i know little late)
  • hosting a boosting match for this and the takeover achievement. message me if interested. GT BrutexCHieftain.
  • Looking to get this and other arctic strike cheevos

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