Takeover Domination Achievement

  • Takeover Domination



    Be part of a squad match where your team wins by more than 100 points.

    You will need a squad for this one, as well as the ability to play Takeover mode with all of them. If you are in need of a squad, check HERE.

    Once you're in a Takeover game, start off by hacking the enemy's objective, which will grant you 3x score. From there you will need a 34 kill lead to win by more than 100 points. Obviously this will be easier to do with two 4 man teams searching for a game at the same time until they join the same game. Then they just need to swap achievements.

  • You can message me when this comes out. I have a squad already with people willing to help. The more, the merrier. GT: Xi Bass iX
  • Up for this too !
  • I'm up for this Game Over Drunk
  • my gamertag --- paganSVK i want boost all SQUAD achievements from stock game + i have all DLC.. contact me
  • Looking for people to do this achievement. I can make a squad or join one too. Message me: StripyReaper
  • down to boost this GT: Iridium2002 hit me up!
  • looking to boost this one. (ya i know little late)
  • hosting a boosting match for this and the stockade achievement. message me if interested. GT BrutexCHieftain.

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